The Top Restaurants and Bars in San Carlos, Antioquia

The Top Restaurants and Bars in San Carlos, Antioquia

TLDR? Rincón Costeño is the most recommended restaurant for those who visit San Carlos due to the quality-price ratio of its dishes.

San Carlos is known as the Sweet Little Coast of Eastern Antioquia. Its 76 streams, rivers, and waterfalls are the main reason to visit this town.

However, being so small, finding the ideal place to eat can be complicated. But don’t worry! In this article, you’ll find the best restaurants and bars to visit there.

Keep reading and get ready to enjoy a good meal in San Carlos!

Blanco & Negro

Blanco & Negro

Blanco & Negro is possibly the best-known restaurant in San Carlos. Its menu expresses the flavors of the countryside through versions of regional foods.

This restaurant has two locations. One’s in the village’s central park, and the other has a country theme as it’s on San Carlos’ outskirts. 

I suggest experiencing the country venue. There you can enjoy the pool during the day and a cozy campfire area to warm you up on cold nights.

The restaurant offers options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. While most of their entrees contain animal protein, they also have vegan and vegetarian options.

The lunch menu changes every day of the week. On Sundays, you can enjoy a delicious triphasic sancocho (soup made with beef, pork, and chicken). Quite a Colombian tradition!

If you want to celebrate a birthday or other special occasion, the restaurant also has a gourmet menu for events. You have to order beforehand.

The restaurant’s usually packed at night due to its cocktails, national and imported beers, wines, tequilas, whiskey, and national spirits. It’s an ideal bar to spend a night full of laughter in a pleasant atmosphere.


Address 1: Cra. 20 #20-2 a 20- 51, San Carlos, Antioquia

Address 2: San Carlos-Granada, San Carlos, Antioquia

Rincón Costeño

Rincón Costeño

Rincón Costeño has an outstanding quality-price ratio. As its name implies, the restaurant specializes in food from the Colombian coast.

Most of their dishes include a delicious green salad, thinly sliced ​​fried plantain chips, and a side of sweet coconut rice. Although the seafood casserole and the rice with shrimp are worth trying, the most popular dishes are those that contain fish, especially in fried presentation. 

The fish used in Rincón Costeño are tilapia, cachama, red snapper, catfish, trout, sea bass, and salmon. The price of the dishes varies depending on whether you order a small or large fish.

The restaurant’s only a couple of blocks from the central park. It has a covered and an outdoor area. If you go on a day with good weather, I recommend looking for a table outdoors so you can enjoy the sun and the gentle wind.

Remember that this isn’t a fast food place, so the preparation of your dish could vary from half an hour to 45 minutes. I believe the wait is very worthwhile. If you have a tight schedule, this may not be your best option, though.

Rincón Costeño opens Thursday to Monday from 11:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Address: Calle 20#18-57 1piso, San Carlos, Antioquia

Atípico Café Bar

Atípico Café Bar

This bar’s on the second floor in front of the central park of San Carlos.

I recommend this place if you’re looking for a cozy experience. The bar’s atmosphere is perfect for spending the night chatting with your friends and enjoying alternative music from genres such as rock.

The bar focuses on offering craft beers, especially domestic ones. You can also order different cocktails and accompany them with snacks or alternate them with pastries and aromatic coffee.

Atípico starts its service every day from 4 p.m. and closes around midnight.

Address: Cra. 19 #20-28, San Carlos, Antioquia

El Charle’s

El Charle's

Open every day from 7 p.m, El Charle’s Video Bar is perfect for a night full of dance and music.

You’ll listen to rock, salsa, boleros, eighties pop, and many other genres!

Every Friday is karaoke night. On weekends they often have live music, so you can check El Charle’s social media to decide when to spend the night.

As for drinks, you can find all kinds of national ones. As the prices can be a bit high, it’s best to go with someone and share the costs.

Remember that before drinking and getting drunk, you must eat. So don’t forget to go somewhere else before entering the bar since, once inside, you’ll not find options to eat!

Address: Calle 20 #2C-08, Segundo piso, San Carlos, Antioquia.

Visit the Best Restaurants and Bars in San Carlos

Despite being a fairly small town, you won’t have problems satisfying your taste buds and having pleasant moments. I hope you’ll be excited to discover one of these places when you visit San Carlos!

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