Your Jogging Guide For The Poblado Area

TLDR? Poblado is a great place to go jogging and is full of trails as well as paths where you can get a workout in!

As has been noted before in the blog and by the world, there are a lot of really good-looking people in Medellin. It’s quite apparent every time you leave the house! How do they do it? Well, there are a bunch of contributing factors.

One of them would have to be the culture of fitness and wellness that exists here, as well as the fabulous climate and affordable medical care. One great way to keep fit in Medellin, or anywhere else, is by hitting the road as a jogger.

I’ve collected a few routes in the popular Poblado area that make for some entertaining ways to get fit and see some things.

Tackle The Hills, Starting At Parque de La Presidenta

Tackle The Hills, Starting At Parque de La Presidenta

Parque de La Presidenta is a great little park that runs through some of the busiest parts of the Poblado neighborhood. By night, the park is suffused with the wild nightlife that partially defines the area. But by day, it’s a great family-friendly green space in the neighborhood.

The park runs vertically along the slope of the Poblado neighborhood. This area is built on one of the mountain slopes of the ranges that surround Medellin.

Some of these hills get steep enough that even walking up them can represent a difficult cardio workout.

The section at Parque de La Presidenta isn’t so tough, though, so if you make it through that section, you’ll at least get the ball rolling. From there, it’s up to you how far you want to take it up one of the area’s grueling slopes. Making it even part of the way up would represent an accomplishment and would also be a great way to train aerobically.

Another thing to keep in mind if you’re going to be jogging regularly is that Medellin is at a fairly high elevation. It’s nothing on the level of Bogota’s capital, but at 5,000 feet, you could find yourself performing better when you go back to sea level!

Check out my article on some of the effects of elevation on this part of the blog.

Cut Across Carrera 34 to Arrive at Campo de Golf

Cut Across Carrera 34 to Arrive at Campo de Golf

This route features less elevation gain, so would be a nice one if you’re trying to go for longer distances rather than a short and intense gain. It follows the winding gentle slope of the Carrera 34 road, which cuts horizontally across the greater Poblado area.

The route is cool because you get to see a good deal of scenery, passing by several sections of the neighborhood.

The golf course serves as a convenient end point simply because it’s a nice green area with lots of space to stretch and do a cooldown. Of course, you can do this either at the end of your run or in the middle before you get your legs pumping again.

And of course, like much of the Poblado area, it features some nice views of the Medellin valley below. This can make some of the more difficult aspects of running fly by as you soak in some of the amazing views!

Head Down The Slopes Towards MAMM Museum

MAMM Museum

This one is a nice route because it takes you downhill toward the MAMM museum. The museum sits on a spacious plaza that allows for some nice cooling down (or warming up, if you’re going to use that as a starting point).

There are some fairly linear routes to get to the MAMM museum from the central Poblado area. I would recommend heading down Carrera 43F, which has a nice little slope to it, and isn’t too busy with cars.

You also get to pass by the very cool Parque Gabriel Garcia Marquez, which I wrote about in this part of the blog!

Of course, if you go down the hill, you will have to make your way back up eventually. Depending on how strenuous you want your workout, you could run back up or take it easy on the uphill climb. Maybe stopping along the way to chill out at the park!

Run Through The Center of Poblado on The Weekend

The Center of Poblado The Center of Poblado

This one will appeal to you completely, depending on your personality, but I figured I would include it. It’s for those who appreciate a little stimulation when exercising!

Anyone who’s spent time in the Poblado area knows that on weekend nights, the whole area turns into a wild and raucous party scene. The nightlife is simply legendary!

There are hundreds of people carousing about the streets, all looking for the heart of Saturday night. They’re out enjoying the countless bars and restaurants in the Poblado area.

My suggestion is this: take a jog through the action on a weekend night. You might just find yourself entertained as you zip and wind through the crowds! You can observe the merrymaking of Medellin’s fun and fabulous, all while you break a sweat and get your body in shape to tackle the dance club later.

My preferred route while trying this out was just to head straight into the heart of the action. I run up Calle 10 to Parque Lleras, circle around that area, and then head back down Calle 9.

You can repeat the process as necessary or desired or just follow your instincts. You might detect there might be an entertaining place to pass by amid all the stimulation!

Hit the Gym At Smart Fitness and Other Gyms

Ok, this one might seem a bit too obvious, but I figured I might as well just get it out of the way.

Poblado is one of the denser sections of the city and has a ton of businesses and development in just a short section of blocks.

Among these businesses are a collection of great gyms. You can utilize them to run on the treadmill or a similar cardiovascular machine designed to enhance aerobic health.

You probably don’t need me to tell you that running at the gym means that you get a certain number of other perks. These include access to showers and saunas as well as other exercise machines.

If you’re interested in this kind of place to work out, then check out the gym recommended by the blog, Smart Fitness.

Staying Fit and Looking Good In Medellin

Medellin is a beautiful place, and it’s a fun place to stay fit and healthy. You can take advantage of its fabulous nightlife and beautiful scenery while you look and feel great.

Of course, where one would like to go jogging is a bit of a subjective experience, but I’m hoping that these suggestions get the ball rolling.

And of course, while you try out some of these jogging routes, you’ll likely pass by more places that catch your eye, which you can add to future runs.

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