Introducing SMASH Yoga Studio at Landmark Hotel 

bikram yoga in smash hot yoga studio

TLDR? SMASH Hot Yoga and Spa recently launched at Medellin’s Landmark hotel, and it’s a great place to get a massage or a workout in.

Ready to turn up the heat? Bikram Yoga is one of the hottest (quite literally) workouts to sweep Medellin. With room temperatures raised to sweltering heat, it will definitely have you working up a sweat.  

Landmark Hotels’ new Smash Hot Yoga studio is the perfect place to release your inner yogi.  

But if you’re already sweating at the thought of it, don’t worry. Here is all the important stuff you need to know.   

Smash Hot Yoga and Spa 

Smash Hot Yoga and Spa

This brand-new Yoga Studio is located in the basement of Manila’s luxury Landmark hotel.   

The brainchild of restauranteur Lorenzo, Smash first began as a tasty and fresh healthy eating spot in Medellin. 

Then, inspired by his mother’s expertise and love for Yoga, he decided to extend his healthy revolution into the fitness world with uniquely designed yoga classes.  

With its advanced technology, Smash Hot Yoga is the only studio in Medellin that offers Bikram Yoga!  

However, they have something for everyone with their Vinyasa, Yin, Power, and Functional yoga sessions and relaxing massages.  

Don’t worry if you’re not staying at the hotel. The yoga studio welcomes everyone, not just guests! 

What to Expect from a Bikram Class 

What to Expect from a Bikram Class

Before we start talking about the studio, let’s take a second to go over Bikram yoga. 

You see, Bikram is a little different from traditional Yoga. The sequence of 26 postures takes place in a 105-degree temperature, with a humidity of 40 percent. The 90-minute class is designed to detoxify your body and make you more flexible by warming the muscles.  

Sweating so much can seem a little gross, but the heat allows your pores to open and release all the toxins! 

And, we can’t forget the mental benefits. Practicing mindfulness while entirely focusing on the poses helps you train your mind in the long run. The extreme meditative state needed to perform the poses lets you recognize and control negative thought patterns.  

Now, if sweating your way through a workout in hot temperatures sounds a little scary, don’t stress! Even though it’s honestly not as intimidating as it sounds, it’s always better to come prepared.  

It’s essential to begin the class hydrated and stay hydrated throughout with an extra bottle of water. Also, make sure you don’t practice with a full stomach; only eat a small snack before.  

But most importantly, listen to your body, take breaks when needed, and stop or rest in Childs Pose if you feel a little dizzy.  

The Experience at SMASH Hot Yoga & Spa 

The Experience at SMASH Hot Yoga & Spa

After being greeted at the reception, I made my way to the lockers and almost forgot I didn’t have one key component; the yoga mat! 

But not to worry, I was relieved to find plenty of fresh, neatly rolled mats and towels.  

I was a little early, so the other yogis and I gathered by the lockers and waited for the class to begin. The wonderful instructor, Luz Lopez, introduced herself while chatting with the students.  

I’m not a complete Yoga newbie; I’ve attended a few beginner classes before, but nothing like Bikram.  

As we waited, I anxiously peeked through the studio door to catch a quick glimpse. A gust of hot and humid air glided over me, briskly dampening my face and any overconfidence I had.  

And I let out an instinctive ”Bloody hell, it’s hot in there.” It got very sweaty very quickly. 

After only 10 minutes into the hour and a half class, the serious sweating begins. I don’t think I was prepared for how much you actually sweat.

I generally don’t experience that much perspiration on my face. Even if I have an intense gym workout, I’ll never have a dripping face. So, I was amazed at how soaked I was starting from the beginning of the class! 

Sweat was trickling onto the mat, going in my eyes; it may sound gross, but when I looked around, all the other yogis were just as soaked as I was. You really begin to feel like you’re working hard and cleansing your body.  

The Bikram Poses 

The Bikram Poses

We started with some standing poses and deep breathing. I found this quite relaxing; focusing on breathing helped me adjust to the heat. 

Generally, when it’s extraordinarily hot and humid, you may begin to feel like you haven’t got enough air. So, the breathing meditations help calm your body and mind down and prepare you for the class. 

As we progress through the poses, the studio gets hotter and hotter!

Finally, we moved into twisting and contorting our bodies in balancing stances. It got more complex with every new pose. I paused to wipe my arms and face with the towel, attempting to slide during the movements.  

My heart rate began to increase, and the heat grew more intense; finally, I allowed myself a break from the moves. 

Instead of leaving the room, I sat out with some other people for a few of the poses. My legs were wobbly and I was a little nauseous, but the instructor assured us that it’s a normal sensation for the first class. After the second or third, you will begin to feel stronger and less shaky.  

The Floor Poses

The Floor Poses

The last 30 minutes of the class are a variation of laying down poses. But don’t be fooled; although it’s a chance to catch your breath, the positions were still pretty challenging.  

The Supta-Vajrasana, or Fixed Firm Pose posture, really tested my flexibility. It is the deepest backward bend in the session. As my classmate In front bent her head so far back that she was looking at me, I realized how much skill and patience yoga requires.  

Even laying down, my muscles were stretched in every way possible, and I was sweating profusely. But still I vowed I would not give up, and see the class through.  

We made it to the end! Instructor Luz opened the door to let some cold air in, and we lay on our backs and silently breathed for 5 minutes. Just the relief I needed.  

After the Class 

After the Class

I was lucky enough to have attended Hot Yogas grand opening and very first Bikram class! So, after the session, I grabbed a special complementary green smoothie and fruit snack, and relaxed in the gorgeous Landmark lobby.  

Honestly, I was proud to have made it through my first class. I had never experienced a post-workout high until then. I felt rejuvenated and, oddly enough, really clean and refreshed despite all the sweating.  

We don’t give ourselves enough credit for all the weird and wonderful things our bodies can do. This step outside my comfort zone took me closer to fully appreciating and trusting my body. All it took was 100-degree heat and the Downward Facing Dog.   

How to Attend a Smash Hot Yoga Class

How to Attend a Smash Hot Yoga Class

If you fancy turning up the heat with Bikram, or trying any of the other classes, you can book through the website or in person. Smash offers a range of Yoga styles including: 

  • Yinyasa 
  • Basic Yoga 
  • Power Yoga 
  • Functional Yoga 
  • Yin Yoga 
  • Hot Yoga 

They also have a selection of passes that range from 3 days to yearly.  

Smash Hot Yoga at Landmark Hotel

In such a busy city, Smash hot yoga allowed me a peaceful space to relax, clear my mind and connect to my body. Release your inner Yogi and enjoy a session at Medellin’s Landmark Hotel.  

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