What to Expect at Medellin’s City Museum


Medellin is home to many things. It’s home to friendly people, tons of outdoor adventures, and plenty of museums!

One of those museums is the City Museum. The City Museum gives you an inside look not just at the history of Colombia, but at what makes Medellin itself so special. 

So, have you already visited Medellin’s City Museum? If the answer was ‘no’ then this guide is for you.

The History of the City Museum

The History of the City Museum

The City Museum was first established back in 2011, with the support of the city’s government. 

It’s currently managed by the Pedro Nel Gómez Foundation, which is dedicated to taking care of the museum and curating the pieces displayed there. 

Since Gómez is one of the founding artists and muralists of the city, you’ll find a lot of his works in the museum. Let’s take a deeper look at who he is and what he’s given back to Colombia.

Pedro Nel Gómez

The person in charge of creating and capturing the first murals made in Colombia was the master artist Pedro Nel Gómez. He grew up in a small, traditional paisa village on the outskirts of Medellin itself.

In fact, it was Pedro Nel Gómez who came up with the idea of Pueblito Paisa. He wanted to create a space that could honor his family and his heritage. 

Today, however, his legacy extends far beyond just Pueblito Paisa. He now has paintings displayed in many places around the city,  including universities and hospitals. 

The City Museum’s Murals

The City Museum’s Murals

The permanent works in the City Museum include the 160 square meters of murals by Pedro Nel Gómez. This is a collection of works that narrates the different chapters of Colombian history. 

Among the different works, there are a few that really stand out:

  1. Homenaje al pueblo antioqueño
  2. La vida desciende en la Guajira
  3. Los desempleados
  4. Combate mitigo entre patasolas y mineros
  5. La Barequera
  6. Vida y muerte
  7. La danza frenética

Each of these murals says something different about Colombia and is executed in a really special way. 

The Urban Development Exhibition

The Urban Development Exhibition

It’s not just the murals that you’ll find in the museum. You’ll also find an urban development exhibition, which shows a unique blend of the development the city has undergone

The exhibition, which is a miniature version of the City Museum, shows you different phases of the city’s transformation. 

You’ll also enjoy the exhibits in the room. On the walls, you’ll find photographs and paintings that also show how the city has changed over the years. 

The objective of this exhibit is to educate the people of Medellin (and its visitors) about the region’s history. The idea is to show how daily life in Medellin has transformed into what it is today. 

Other spaces in the Museum

Other spaces in the Museum

Like many of the other museums around Medellin, the City Museum has a few special spaces that really bring the place to life. Here are a couple of the other spaces in the museum that you might want to check out. 

The City Museum has a space where local artists can create works. Two of Pedro Nel Gómez’s murals are featured in the studio, so even if you won’t be making art, you should check it out. 

Gathering Room

Another unique space in the museum is sort of like an antechamber to the studio workshop. Here, the walls are adorned by curated works of art.

Actually, they rotate the art regularly, so you never really know what you’ll see when you’re there. And, considering the space has featured more than 2,000 different pieces, I’d say they rotate pretty frequently!

What to Know About the Location

What to Know About the Location

The City Museum is located on one of the hills surrounding Medellin. The hill, called Nutibara Hill, is one of the many outdoor nature parks in the city. 

In fact, it’s actually a protected area, so you might spot some unique plants and animals while you’re there!

Another thing you’ll find on this hill is the aforementioned Pueblito Paisa. This is sort of like an addition to the City Museum, which is nearby and is a great addition to your museum visit. 

Tips So You Don’t Get Lost

If it’s your first time visiting the City Museum, it can be a bit hard to find. That’s especially true if you’re not familiar with how to get around Medellin

To get to the museum, you’ll need to head over to Nutibara Hill, where the museum is located. Now, you can always take a taxi, but I’d recommend going on the metro system

The metro is easy to use and is pretty affordable, too. All you have to do is head to the Industriales station. 

From there, it’ll take you about ten minutes to walk to the museum. It’s not bad, and it’s a nice way to get a better look at a new part of the city!

Spend a Day at Medellin’s City Museum

The City Museum is just one of the many places around town that you should consider checking out while you’re here. Whether you’re a museum fanatic or you’re just looking to while away the hours on a rainy afternoon, it’s a cool place to swing by.

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