Antioquia’s Best Waterpark: Hacienda Nápoles

Antioquia’s Best Waterpark: Hacienda Nápoles

TLDR? Hacienda Napoles is the best waterpark in Antioquia and is a great place to cool down and explore for a day.

Antioquia has lots of towns with unique natural and cultural attractions. In one of those towns, you’ll find Hacienda Napoles.

If your dream vacation consists of hot weather, lounging by the poolside, and admiring exotic animals, Hacienda Napoles (one of Colombia’s best waterparks) in Doradal is where you should go!

Read on to learn a little more about this waterpark full of aquatic adventures and biodiversity for you to spend a day in.

What to Know About Hacienda Napoles

What to Know About Hacienda Napoles

This theme park is one of the largest in Colombia and represents the regional transformation after Colombia’s challenging times. 

The Hacienda is the former estate of Pablo Escobar. But, despite its rocky past, it’s now a stunning waterpark where the troubles of times gone by are long forgotten.

The hacienda has culture, history, environmental preservation, and recreation all rolled into one. In 2012, Times Magazine recognized Hacienda Napoles as one of the ten most exotic parks in the world. 

There, you’ll find Bengal tigers, lions, and jaguars that add up to 38 felines; it’ll be just like a safari experience! In addition, you can find a herd of Hippos at Hacienda Napoles. 

So, it’s a must-see for your visit to Medellin!

Water Attractions

Water Attractions

At Hacienda Napoles, there are six large water attractions, all located conveniently close to food courts (for those out of the water). Grab a snack in between rides to fuel up for your next adventure.

Here are the six water attractions:

  1. World of Pangea: You can find open-air and dark slides here.
  2. Aquasaurus: This area has water jets for the little ones.
  3. Victoria Falls: A pool with a 20-meter waterfall that is almost 100 meters long, perfect for cooling off from the warm climate of Doradal.
  4. Cobras: It has pools with slides that look like snakes.
  5. Octopus: A big octopus replica that shoots out water and makes a great splash zone for the kids.
  6. Wild River: You can travel on inner tubes through an artificial river crossing the thick trees and palms of the Hacienda.

Any of these rides are great for cooling down and just having a bit of fun for the afternoon.

Wildlife Sanctuary

Wildlife Sanctuary

Hacienda Napoles is well known for the exotic animals it houses. They have a place called African Savannah, which is where you can see the animals.

In the African Savannah, you will find ostriches, meerkats, zebras, cervicapras, crocodiles, felines, and hippos. The place is basically like a zoo, making for a nice way to learn about animals both native to and new to Colombia.

The African Savannah part of the theme park has an unforgettable pet named Vanessa.

She’s a hippo who had to be raised apart from her herd. She’s a friendly pet that interacts with tourists. Are you ready to say hello to Vanessa? You’re going to adore her!

Other Adventures

Other Adventures

As one of the largest theme parks in Napoles, there are many adventures to experience.

Here are a few of the activities you can enjoy while visiting Hacienda Napoles:

  • Jurassic adventure: a collection of life-size dinosaurs (don’t worry, they’re statues).
  • Kaliwa: a cave tour where several animals will tell you a story as you walk through the underground path.
  • Butterfly Garden: a beautiful enclosed place full of the most exotic and colorful species of butterflies in Colombia. Perfect for selfies!
  • World of birds and reptiles: a museum-like room with exhibitions of different birds and reptiles.
  • African museum: a place to learn about African cultures and key historical characters.
  • Memorial museum: the former home of Pablo Escobar and a place full of photographs of the city’s difficult past. 

How to Get to Hacienda Napoles

How to Get to Hacienda Napoles

Getting to Hacienda Napoles is actually pretty easy, even though it’s a little ways outside of Medellin. Here are a few ways to get to the park.

Public Transportation

If you’re traveling by public transport, you can take the metro to the Caribe station. From there, cross the bridge that takes you to the North Terminal. 

At the terminal, you can take a bus directly to Doradal. It’s cheap, but it takes between three and four hours, so go early! And, remember that the park is open from 9 am to 5 pm (subject to change). Once in Doradal, you can take a taxi that takes you straight to Hacienda.

Rental Car

If you’ve booked a rental car for your stay in Medellin, getting to the park is even easier. Just drive along the Bogota road while enjoying the beautiful landscapes of eastern Antioquia.

It’ll take you about two to three hours to get there, depending on the traffic. 


For those of you who don’t want to worry about driving or getting to Hacienda Napoles, you can take a tour. There are a few different tours that depart from Medellin early in the morning and get to the park at opening time. Then, they have you back by late in the evening. 

Other Details for Planning Your Visit to Hacienda Napoles

Now that you know a bit about what to do in Hacienda Napoles, there are a couple of things to know in order to plan your visit. Take a look at some key details about a getaway to Hacienda Napoles. 



Hacienda Napoles has four different tickets for you to pick from. They’re all affordable, but include access to different attractions. 

To enjoy this park and all its attractions, I recommend getting the Safari Plus passport that includes unlimited tickets to all Hacienda Napoles’ attractions!


An experience at Hacienda Napoles can last several days. So, you might want stay at one of these nearby hotels:

  • Hotel Africa
  • White House Safari
  • The Hill
  • Blue Lake
  • Mediterranean Doradal
  • Camping Hotel

However, you can always just head back to Medellin. 

As I mentioned before, there are actually day tips that will pick you up from your Casacol hotel or vacation rental and take you out to the park and back.

Spend a Day at Hacienda Napoles

If you’re in Medellin and you’re looking for a getaway outside the city, Hacienda Napoles is a great place to go. Pack your sunscreen, swimsuit, shades, hat, walking shoes, and your best safari attitude!

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