The Best Places to Get Some Work Done in Guatape

The Best Places to Get Some Work Done in Guatape

TLDR? La Viña Coffee Shop is the best place to get some work done in Guatapé. 

No one’s exempt from experiencing an unexpected work situation on holidays. And, when you’re in a small town like Guatapé, that can leave you struggling with somewhere to get some work done!

So, what do you do if something comes up and you’re in the middle of nowhere?

Well, luckily, if you’re in Guatapé, there’s no reason to worry. Although it’s small, this village has cozy coffee shops with free WiFi and coworking spaces where you can do what you need to and continue your vacation without any problem.

Let’s take a look.

La Viña Coffee shop

La Viña Coffee shop

La Viña has a more traditional environment inspired by Colombian coffee, where you can have a cappuccino or brunch while working.

This spot is one of the best in Guatapé because they sell their own coffee harvested from the village farms. There are two kinds of coffee that they sell here:

  1. Coffee beans
  2. Ground coffee

The coffee shop is in Plazoleta del Zocalo on a terrace overlooking the lake and the umbrella street. It’s the perfect place to send emails or meet with your boss while on vacation.

You can’t leave without trying their vegan bowls with all types of fruits. It’s also a pet-friendly place!

This place closes late at night, so you can go sip on a coffee or a glass of wine (if work stresses you out). And, you can work well into the night without worrying about the shop closing up in the middle of a meeting.

However, if your goal is to do some hardcore work, I’d advise you not to go there on Saturday nights. On Saturdays, there’s live music on the Plazoleta, and it may interfere with your meeting or concentration.

To sum up, if you’re looking for a more upscale coffee experience where you can do some deep work, La Viña is the place for you. 

IG: @cafe_lavina

Address: Cra. 29 #30-14, Guatapé, Antioquia.



Zocarolls is a small coffee shop in the Plazoleta Zócalos. It’s so colorful and bright inside that it might even make you forget you’re working!

The coffee and desserts there are affordable, and you can even get brunch while using your laptop to power through some old emails.

The place has outdoor seating, so if there’s nowhere to sit when you get there, just ask, and they’ll get you a seat. It’s also a pet-friendly place. Just make sure bring your headphones because this spot is in a bustling tourist area and can get loud from all the noise in the streets.

There’s another Zocarolls coffee shop in Stone Mall in Piedra del Peñón. Both locations close at night, but during the day you can have internet access on any of them.

What I like about Zocarolls is the WiFi quality. If you have a work meeting and can’t risk connection problems, this is the place for you.

There’s a wide variety of drinks, from Colombian coffee and frappuccinos to Colombian exotic fruit smoothies. Also, don’t forget to try their famous dessert: freshly baked, giant cinnamon rolls that are dripping with gooey, sticky icing!

IG: @zocarollsguatape

Address: Plazoleta de los Zócalos, Cra. 29 #30-49, Guatapé, Antioquia.

Kaffa Coffee Bar

Kaffa Coffee Bar

Kaffa Coffee is a cozy spot to spend the evening.

It’s a meeting point for lovers of organic coffee from the neighboring farms of Guatapé. Also, it’s the perfect coworking space for tasks that require a quieter atmosphere.

The place has outdoor seating as well as umbrellas for sunny days.

Like all places on the list, it has everything you need to work at ease and have a cup of quality coffee. A vast menu of drinks prepared with coffee is available, and they even do some cute latte art.

Finish off your evening with a slice of cake and a tasty latte. There are also cocktails, in case you really want to relax!

IG: @kaffacafebarguatape

Address: Plazoleta de los zócalos, Guatapé, Antioquia.

Mitos Coffee House

Mitos Coffee House

A beautiful coffee shop, Mitos will make you feel as if you’re in the lounge of a hotel!

It has a stunning space full of warm lights and natural decorations. It’s probably the quietest place you’ll find in the village.

Its specialty is delicious cuisine, pastries, and tasty coffee drinks. 

If you like something more modern and away from the traditional, this is the perfect place for you to work.

IG: @mitoscasadecafe

Address: Cra. 30 #29-61, Guatapé, Antioquia

Get some work done in Guatapé

Working on your vacation may not seem like the most entertaining thing, but it won’t be boring if you’re in Guatapé. Take advantage of the shops in this town and enjoy some of these unique drinks and coffee cups while visiting the best Guatapé coffee shops!

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