Where to Listen to Classical Music in Medellin

Where to Listen to Classical Music in Medellin

TLDR? There are many ways to enjoy classical music in Medellin and many upcoming events!

One of the things I love the most about Colombia is the diversity of rhythms heard throughout the country. The most well-known tend to be vibrant and colorful.

However, I can’t deny that sometimes I enjoy something a little more low-key. One type of low-key music I enjoy is classical music.

Luckily, there are lots of places in Medellín to enjoy a classical music show by the hand of orchestral groups, operas, and choirs. If that’s your thing, keep reading! Here’s everything you need to know.

José Gutiérrez Gómez Metropolitan Theater

José Gutiérrez Gómez Metropolitan Theater

This metropolitan theater is one of Medellin’s largest and most important cultural centers. It’s part of the city’s history and holds events such as operas, operettas, concerts, festivals, and dances.

It also hosts the International Classical Music Festival, which takes place every year.

Most tickets are cheap. Some events have free entry, and others ask for a voluntary contribution. 

Classical music comes in many forms. One of my favorites is concert dance, a genre that mixes classical tones with choreographies to the beat of the music.

There are many different activities you can enjoy. For example, there’s the Bach project, where the pieces of Master Bach are played on piano and accompanied by a beautiful dance.

If you’re lucky enough to wake up on a day with perfect weather, I suggest you attend their outdoor classical music concerts. This initiative is part of the “A Cielo Abierto” project.

The Philharmonic Orchestra of Medellin is one of the best musical groups that play in this theater, and it’s considered part of the city’s cultural heritage. Their new season consists of four shows, where you’ll hear Latin American music, Mozart symphonies, violin shows, and Mahler symphonies. 

And, you can ballet performances accompanied by beautiful pieces of classical music or family shows where children are the protagonists—whatever suits you best.

Make sure to grab a snack at “The Herbarium” cafeteria and enjoy all the services offered by the theater.

XVIII International Season of Classical Music Medellin Cultural

XVIII International Season of Classical Music Medellin Cultural

The theater will hold major and international classical music events from May to October this year. There’ll be artists from many countries, such as:

  • Norway
  • France
  • Spain
  • Lithuania
  • Canada
  • Colombia
  • Japan

These concerts will feature string quartets, baroque, piano recitals, symphony orchestra, and cello and piano duets. Don’t miss this opportunity to listen to music from around the world!

Website: https://www.teatrometropolitano.com/

Address: Calle 41 No. 57 – 30 Medellín, Colombia

Pablo Tobón Uribe Theater

Pablo Tobón Uribe Theater

This theater’s vast repertoire includes orchestral performances that mix Colombian rhythms with the great masters of classical music. In other words, they come up with some pretty unique stuff.

This place often adds different dynamics to the shows, such as narrations, dances, or audiovisual material. If that interests you, this is the place to go. Don’t forget to order your coffee at Tres Timbres coffee shop to sip on during the show!

One of their concerts was by the Symphonic Orchestra of Antioquia, which played soundtracks for Star Wars, Game of Thrones, The Lord of the Rings, Mario Bros, etc.

The tickets are also low-priced, and many of their events have free entry or voluntary contributions.

Regarding ballet, the theater’s currently presenting a dance inspired by Alice in Wonderland. Ready to go down the rabbit hole of beauty?

What’s more, every Saturday, the theater presents shows by regional symphonic orchestras outdoors in different parts of the city. If you don’t catch a show in the theater, you can still catch something by them!

Website: https://www.teatropablotobon.com/

Address: Carrera 40 #51-24. Medellin, Colombia. 

University of Medellin Theater

University of Medellin Theater

One of the most beloved theaters in the city, the University of Medellin theater is a destination you won’t regret visiting. This theater is perfect if you want to support art students.

Almost all the shows put on at this particular theater are art students.

However, don’t let that discourage you from visiting. The students are incredibly talented, and the shows they’ve put on are unlike any you’ve seen before.

On top of that, sometimes visiting groups perform here.

For instance, you can sometimes see the Metropolitan Philharmonic of the Valle de Aburrá in a show at this theater! They’ve got tons of performances scheduled, including a tribute to Gustavo Cerati. The music will be paired with a great light show, adding dimension to the performance.

Website: https://udem.edu.co/index.php/servicios/teatro

Address: Carrera 87 N° 30 – 65 , Medellín, Colombia

Enjoy Listening to Classical Music in Medellin!

As you can see, Medellin has many options for you to enjoy classical music. And of course, this is also your opportunity to learn about Colombian classical music and meet talented international musicians. I’m sure you’ll love the experience!

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