Is There Wi-Fi In Caldas? What to Know

Is There Wi-Fi In Caldas? What to Know

TLDR? Thanks to a government program, you’ll find free Wi-Fi in Caldas’ central park!

If you’re a digital nomad, have a remote job or virtual classes, but prefer to do any of these activities while traveling, you’ll surely want to go to places with Wi-Fi to make space for your daily tasks.

In Caldas, you don’t have to worry about finding places that offer internet, since there you can find co-working spaces and cafes ideal for getting some work done while you get away for a day or a weekend.

If you’re planning a trip to Caldas, keep reading, and find everything you need to know about connecting to Wi-Fi in this Antioquian town!

Nova Coworking

Nova Coworking

In a coworking, you go to the landline when it’s a place with good Wi-Fi to work.

In Nova Coworking, you can find, besides internet with good speed:

  • A space with coffee and aromas
  • Fixed local telephone service
  • Reception service
  • Common zones
  • Scanner service
  • Fridge and microwave
  • Sale of snacks and drinks
  • Cleaning and disinfection service

The place consists of shared desks with a big table for your laptop.

If you’re looking to establish yourself for a while in Caldas and need a space to attend to patients, you can also find a private office service. You can also access meeting rooms for business meetings.

This place is simple but modern and organized, with a plant decoration that gives the environment a fresh and natural touch. Moreover, they promise ergonomic furniture that takes care of the body in a work posture!

The best thing about this coworking space is that it’s Caldas’ central park, so it isn’t necessary to move around the town much. This way, you can finish your work and spend a day of tourism walking through the rest of the park or having a typical lunch in Caldas.

Aroma de Cafe

Aroma de Cafe

Aroma de Cafe is a site specialized in preparing this caffeinated drink in different ways, but it also offers other snacks and desserts such as ice cream cones, cakes, and lemonades, among others.

This cafe has a classic and traditional decoration and dim lights perfect for coffee time. But that isn’t all! Thanks to the free Wi-Fi offer, you can work for a while enjoying a bakery meal with an iced coffee, a specialty of Aroma de Cafe, in a warm and welcoming environment that opens between 8 am and 7 pm every day!

Located a block and a half from the Caldas’ central park, Aroma de Cafe offers truly affordable prices!

Address: Cra. 49 #131 Sur-2 a 131 Sur-100, Caldas, Antioquia, Colombia

Cafe Internet Privados 

Cafe Internet Privados

You can find a cafe internet in many Colombian towns and neighborhoods. It’s a space with computers that you rent by the hour or minute.

It’s not a bad option for quick tasks, since you won’t even have to carry your computer.

Find Privados between Caldas’ central park and the Olaya Herrera Park, pay for a personal space with internet access, and leave what you need ready before making a journey through this municipality!

Around this place, you can also find a lot of local commerce, so make your experience a local Paisa moment to remember: accompany your work time with a local snack like an empanada or a chicken pot pie!

Address: Cra. 52 #130 Sur-1 a 130 Sur-95, Caldas, Antioquia, Colombia

Comfama Caldas Library

Comfama Caldas Library

Comfama is a space for Medellin families that offers programs of all kinds such as health, education, and recreation since it also has water parks in Antioquia.

Within these programs is the Caldas Library, which offers a space with internet access. You can access the network for any purpose while enjoying the peace of a local library.

If you like to explore quieter and more academic places, don’t hesitate to go to the Comfama library to do your homework for the day and stay to read a book for a while before venturing into this municipality’s attractions.

Address: Cl. 129 Sur #4924, Caldas, Medellin, Antioquia, Colombia

Antioquia Free Wi-Fi

Antioquia has a program with free Wi-Fi zones for each zone’s inhabitants.

In the municipality of Caldas, you can access this network from Caldas’ central park and Parque Habitad Del Sur in the Mandalay neighborhood.

To enter, just fill out a form with some data – and that’s it! You can sit in a traditional cafe in these parks to set up a table for your laptop, or if you want to connect more with the people, sit in the park square and enjoy a paisa atmosphere while you get some work done!

Work With WiFi Zones of Caldas

Caldas is a municipality south of Medellin with many natural and tourist attractions such as hiking, outdoor camping, and waterfalls. Don’t worry if you plan to go there and have work ahead of you: you can find Wi-Fi zones in the park, cafes, or even a coworking space! 

Don’t pass out on the opportunity of visiting this beautiful town!

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