How to Get to Marinilla from Medellín

How to Get to Marinilla from Medellín

TLDR? Marinilla is a beautiful town close to Medellín where you can travel by bus, car, private service, or taxi.

Sometimes you want to get out of the city but not go too far.

Marinilla’s your best option if you don’t want to have a long trip. This beautiful town’s just one hour from the city, and you’ll find many ways to get there.

The town’s next to Rio Negro. If you need to take a flight afterward, the international airport’s very close.

Marinilla has a beautiful mountainous landscape and national and universal history museums that make it well worth visiting.

Keep reading, and I’ll show you how to get to Marinilla and what to expect from this historic town!

Getting to Marinilla By Taxi

Getting to Marinilla By Taxi

From Medellín, you can get a taxi to pick you up at your residence and take you to Marinilla.

Taxis usually have travel rates that you should consider beforehand. This is a costly option, but it may be worth it.

Private Car

Private Car

Despite Medellin’s many public transportation options, sometimes you might prefer to rent a car and move around as you please.

It’s the most comfortable option when traveling to small towns like Marinilla. Even though everything’s usually close, a car of your own allows you more mobility and to make stops at the places that catch your attention.

Getting to Marinilla is quite simple. You must take the highway Medellín-Bogotá. Keep in mind that you’ll find the Guarne toll with an approximate cost of 3 USD.

If you don’t know the area, remember it’s always advisable to download the instructions before starting the trip.

Take a Bus

Take a Bus

To take a bus to Marinilla, you must go from your residence to Medellin’s North Terminal. You can take a taxi or request a service from any application that operates in the city.

Look for the ticket offices of the Cotramarini or Sotramar routes. These are the two bus companies that take you to the Marinilla terminal.

To travel by bus, you should check the availability of tickets and departure times, as they can sometimes vary depending on the number of passengers. In this case, you should call requesting information on dates and times to avoid delays at the terminal.

Medellin’s public transport is quite simple and the most economical option to travel anywhere.

Private Transportation Service

Private Transportation Service

I know that sometimes we don’t want to drive and want someone else to do it for us.

If that’s the case, hiring a private service is your most expensive but comfortable option. You can even have a bilingual guide with you if you want to know more about the region.

Another benefit is your transport would pick you up at your Airbnb or residence in Medellin.

You could also make different stops during the trip and enjoy a little more of the landscapes and the beauty that surrounds the roads of Antioquia.

What to Expect When You Arrive

What to Expect When You Arrive

There are several things to do in Marinilla, from outdoor activities to good places to eat, but I’ll highlight two of the unmissable activities in this small town.

Historical and Archaeological Museum

Marinilla is also known as La Esparta Colombiana due to its fight for Colombian independence two hundred years ago.

This town has a museum that honors its history and houses many relics from the 18th and 19th centuries and beautiful paintings portraying the war.

The historical and archeological museum was founded over sixty years ago. It has an itinerant exhibition room that changes periodically according to the museum’s schedules.

Museum of Crosses, Christs, and Crucifixes

You don’t have to be a devotee of God to visit this museum! Curiosity and taste for art and history will do.

It’s a relatively new museum, founded in 2005 by Roberto Hoyos, the collector who donated to the town of Marinilla.

It’s a collection of 2,760 pieces from different parts of the world, compiled for over thirty years by its creator and with the potential to grow much more due to donations from visitors who bring unique pieces not yet in exposition.

If you want to complete this tour, you can go to La Asunción church in Marinilla’s central park, a couple of blocks from the museum.

Marinilla: A Historical Place to Visit

I am always open to discovering new places – even more so when it comes to beautiful Antioquian towns! They still preserve the characteristic colonial architecture and will make you feel like a time traveler.

Now that you know how to get to Marinilla, schedule a weekend to get out of the city! And enjoy this beautiful destination!

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