A Guide to the Los Molinos Mall

A Guide to the Los Molinos Mall

TLDR? Los Molinos Mall is the only western-style shopping mall in Western Medellin. It’s a one-stop shop for all your buying needs! 

A trip to Medellin will not be complete without visiting unique lifestyle malls for your souvenir needs. These malls also come with a wide range of food options should you become hungry while shopping! 

I had the chance to visit Los Molinos Mall during my trip to Medellin. And trust me, it became one of my favorite malls in Colombia! I know you’ll also love Los Molinos, so I’ll share everything you can do in the mall through this guide! 

About Los Molinos

About Los Molinos

Los Molinos is the only Western mall in Belen, the largest neighborhood in Medellin. It’s also the first shopping center in Colombia to adopt a semi-thematic concept. 

To those unfamiliar with what this is, the architectural design of Los Molinos takes on different scenarios:

  • Beach
  • Mountain
  • Forest
  • Wind

These designs provide unique sensations and shopping experiences to mall visitors. 

Los Molinos first opened in May 2006 and later expanded in October 2011. It’s near Universidad de Medellin, almost five blocks away. This is also why Los Molinos is almost always busy and crowded. 

Los Molinos Mall is open daily, from 9 am to 10 pm. I suggest visiting the shopping center during the morning hours because it becomes busier in the afternoons and evenings. 

If you’re bringing your car or motorcycle, finding a parking space on weekends is hard. I suggest commuting when you’re going on a Saturday or a Sunday. The parking area has a fee of 1500 COP. 

But if you’re a woman, you’re in luck. There’s a designated parking area and valet service exclusively for women. You just need to find pink spaces to locate these areas. 

You can also bring your pets to Los Molinos because it’s pet-friendly. Just remember to tie a leash or a collar around their neck so they won’t get lost. 

One thing you have to remember is that English is seldom spoken in Los Molinos. There are way more locals than tourists, so communication can be challenging. 

Getting There

Getting There

Riding a private car or taxi will only take 12 minutes if you’re coming from Medellin town proper. But Los Molinos Shopping Center is also very accessible when you want to commute. 

If you wish to take the bus, take note of the following routes:

  • Get off at Route 179: Belen Aguas Frias from Parque Berrio
  • Use Belen La Gloria or Route 172 from La Alpujarra
  • Use Route 315: Santra to Belen from San Jose Church
  • Take Route 302: Circular South from Villanueva
  • Use Route 303: Circular South from Aguacatala

You can also use the Metro station. Ride in the Industriales Station and get off at the Universidad de Medellin station. 

Going to Los Molinos Shopping Center should not be a problem because it’s on a busy street near the university. 

Inside Los Molinos Mall

Inside Los Molinos Mall

The major centers in Los Molinos are Cine Colombia, Exito, La Polar, and Home Center. Overall, you’ll find 170 shops in this shopping center. These shops sell different things from clothes to home furnishings, eye care, and more.

Because Colombia is one of the largest lingerie producers in the world, you’ll also find at least ten lingerie shops in Los Molinos.

For women who love Latin fashion trends, you should check out Studio F.

It’s a famous Colombian company that designs and produces fashionable clothing pieces. Studio F is most famous for its jeans, but you should know that this store can be pretty expensive.



One of the major tenants in Los Molinos is Exito. It’s a supermarket selling home furnishings, electronics, kitchen items, and clothes. If you’re from the United States, it’s basically like Walmart. 

When you visit Exito in Los Molinos, you’ll find the prices cheaper than the Exito stores in El Poblado malls. For the best promotions, sign up for Exito points. This is a great deal, especially when you frequently shop in Exito. 

Earn your points and accumulate them so you can get future sale items. You just need an ID or passport should you decide to sign up. 

Here’s another Exito savings tip: visit the grocery every Wednesday. Meats, vegetables, and fruits are always 20% off during this day. 

Cine Colombia

You can also watch your favorite Spanish movie in Cine Colombia. The branch in Los Molinos has seven screens and features English movies with Spanish subtitles. 

Cine Colombia is Colombia’s biggest movie theater chain. Aside from this location, its other branches are:

  • Santa Fe
  • Oviedo
  • Unicentro
  • Vizcaya

Sometimes, when you’re in luck, Cine Colombia has special promotions on Wednesday. 

Home Center

Home Center

If you love Home Depot in the United States, you’ll love Home Center in Medellin even more. They’re almost the same, except Home Center has home furnishings and items from Bed, Bath, and Beyond. 

You can also get a bunch of promotional or sale items from Home Center in the mall. 



A wide range of food options is available on the second and third floors of Los Molinos. Overall, you can choose from 20 different restaurants. 

If you want the usual fast-food options, you can see them on the third floor. Some of the fast food places are:

  • El Corral
  • Asia Wok
  • Kokoriko
  • Frisby
  • Burget King
  • Subway
  • Qbano
  • Mcdonalds

But if you want more expensive options, you can also choose from the following:

  • Il Forno
  • Ay Caramba!
  • El Rancherito
  • Crepes and Waffles
  • J&C Delicias
  • Sarku Japan
  • Parmesano

The mall has a wide selection of international cuisines, so you don’t need to worry if you don’t like Colombian food. 



Los Molinos Shopping Center also has various services. These include banks, insurance companies, and even a musical school. There’s even a spa and car wash service. In short, Los Milonos literally has everything you need. 

Experience The Best Out of Los Molinos Mall

If you plan to stop by a mall in Medellin before returning home, Los Molinos might be your best option. It has various food and store options where you can find everything you need and more. 

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