The Best Farm Stay in San Pedro de Los Milagros

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The Best Farm Stay in San Pedro de Los Milagros

TLDR? Finca Hotel Los Nutabes is the best traditional lodging in San Pedro de Los Milagros! 

If you’re looking for a natural and traditional stay on an Antioquian farm, Finca Hotel Nutabes in San Pedro de Los Milagros is a must-see! 

I know there are countless hotels, camping sites, glamping, and eco-hotels in all the towns of Antioquia, but spending a few nights on a traditional farm is a truly unique experience you won’t want to miss. 

So put aside thoughts of commercial hotels or traditional tourist lodgings, and let me tell you all about the best farm stay in Antioquia! 

Where Is It and How to Get To Finca Hotel Nutabes 

Finca Hotel Nutabes is a traditional farm that also operates as a hotel. The farm is located at kilometer 21 via San Pedros de los Milagros, just outside the town center. 

To get there from Medellin, you’ll travel 31 km or about 20 miles down the San Felix. The route takes about an hour, and keep in mind you’ll have to pay a small toll. 

There’s an additional route to Finca Hotel Nutabes north of Medellin, through the municipality of Bellos. This route is toll-free, but it’ll add an extra ten or so minutes to your journey. 

Rent a car and drive yourself, or hire a driver if you’d rather not depend on public transport schedules. 

If you haven’t rented a car, you can travel to the hotel by bus. Take either the Coopetransa or Expreso Belmira bus routes departing from Medellin’s North Terminal. Tickets will cost you about $7,000 COP or $2 USD, and the bus will let you off just steps from the farm. 

What to Expect From Finca Hotel Nutabes

Nestled on a mountain in the San Pedro vicinity, the rustic farm boasts three restaurants and a lounge. 

In addition to rooms for guests, the farm has a terrace, a garden full of flowers and vegetation, and a barbecue area. Its buildings possess a charming country vibe, with one house built of wood and the other of brick. 

Farm Amenities

This is the perfect place to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy a few quiet days of nature and good food, close to the so-called “milk route” made up of San Pedro de Los Milagros, Don Matias, Entrerrios, and Santa Rosa de Osos.

Find these amenities in Los Nutabes and enjoy the best of these comforts so that all you have to do is rest:

Los Nutabes provides a wealth of amenities so all you have to do is rest! Enjoy perks such as: 

  • Free Wi-Fi and meeting rooms, if (God forbid!) you need to do some work during your stay. 
  • Free parking for guests who’ve rented cars. 
  • Bathtubs to warm you up in the cool lands of San Pedro. 
  • If you’re traveling with a furry friend, the hotel is pet friendly! Your dog will love the natural environment just as much as you will. 


Finca Hotel Los Nutabes three restaurants are known for their traditional homemade meals. The dining room’s decoration is cozy and vintage, with large comfortable tables – Colombians will recognize it as the typical dining room of an Antioquian granny! 

Enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner in these restaurants, made from local cuisine and specially prepared. Breakfast service is free for guests. 

The Rooms

Though the rooms are simple, they provide everything you’d experience in a traditional Paisa country house. 

Some rooms are built of brick and others of wood, but all are cozy and large, with nightstands, a private bathroom, a television, a bathtub, and a sofa. 

Rooms are available for parties of two to three people. If you’re celebrating a special occasion, the hotel is more than happy to decorate the room and provide private room service for dinner! 

Common Zones

The common areas of Finca Hotel Los Nutabes are open to the outdoors, perfect for a coffee right when you wake up. 

There’s also a sprawling green lawn perfect for sunbathing or enjoying the beautiful weather with family, friends, or even acquaintances you’ve met at the hotel. 

Another area provides hammocks and a wood bench beneath a covered roof, as well as swings and a bounce house for your little ones. 

Make some new friends in the bar while you enjoy a drink or two, or visit the cows in their pens. You can even milk them if you’re feeling especially rustic!

Spend a Weekend at the Best Farm in San Pedro de Los Milagros

San Pedro is recognized not only for being the dairy capital of Antioquia but also for the gorgeous green mountainous landscape surrounding the town. 

Skip the usual commercial hotel deals – spend a night or a weekend at Finca Hotel Los Nutabes and enjoy a truly unique Antioquian experience! 

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