The 7 Best Swimming Pools in Medellin

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Need your answers now? The best swimming pool in Medellin is the rooftop pool at The Marquee!

I moved to Medellin from LA, so the heat wasn’t anything new to me. However, that’s not to say that it didn’t get to me quickly!

And, if you find that the warm weather in Medellin has got you sweating up a storm yourself, then I can sympathize. After all, life in the tropics can be quite a transition for those who aren’t used to it!

One way that I’ve learned to enjoy the dry season in Medellin is by hitting up the swimming pool. So, if you want the best swimming pool in town, I’ve got your back. 

Here are some of the top swimming pools in the city for cooling off on a hot day. 

1. The Rooftop Pool at The Marquee

The Rooftop Pool at The Marquee Hotel

First on the list is the rooftop pool at the Marquee. This is what I’d call a sophisticated swimming pool.

Now, I don’t know about you, but when I go to the pool, I want to be sitting with a cocktail in my hand in the shade. 

The Marquee delivers, with their rooftop bar located right there on the deck. Order a Muay Thai and dip your toes in the blue water as you take in gorgeous views of the city!


Address: Cra. 38 #9A-13, Medellín, Antioquia

2. Aeroparque Juan Pablo

Aeroparque Juan Pablo II

If luxury swimming experiences with cold cocktails and twinkling fairy lights aren’t your jam, you can go to the opposite end of the spectrum. 

What do I mean?

I mean you can visit Aeroparque Juan Pablo, of course!

This water park is the perfect place for you to spend a day alone or with the family. You can enjoy swimming pools, water slides, splash zones, and other fun activities at the park.


Address: Cra. 70 ## 16, Medellín, Antioquia

3. Centro Recreativo Villa Elena

Centro Recreativo Villa Elena

If you just want the classic pool experience like you had back when you were a kid, then the Centro Recreativo Villa Elena is the place to go. 

This classic swimming pool features two large pools where you can swim laps or just splash around. 

There are plenty of beach umbrellas with loungers for you to hang out on when you’re not in the water. You can also order drinks and snacks from the poolside snack shack if you need a quick pick-me-up.

And, there are slides and games for kids.

Address: Carrera 68C # 59E – 60, Bello, Antioquia

4. Piscina Los Alcazáres

Piscina Los Alcazáres

This swimming pool is another spot that will transport you back to your childhood. The outdoor pool is pretty no-frills and is really just a spot for splashing around. 

There is a family pool where anyone can swim as well as a pool for swimming laps. 

The reason this is such a great spot is if you want to get a workout in. You can easily swim a couple of laps at this pool, but it’s not necessarily the right place to hang out for a day. 

The pool is located close to some of Casacol’s Laureles properties. That makes it convenient if you’re staying farther out of the Poblado part of town.

Address: Cl. 48B, Medellín, Antioquia

5. The Landmark Hotel

The Landmark Hotel

Another great rooftop pool (that also features a spectacular rooftop bar) is the Landmark Hotel. This hotel, located in Poblado, is the perfect spot for winding down in the evening. 

The pool is located right near the edge of the rooftop, which means you can take in some sweeping views of the city. 

My advice? Head to The Landmark after dark for a dip in the clear waters as you check out the sparkling lights of Medellin. 

And, if you get cold, just head over to the jacuzzi corner to warm up for a minute or two. 


Address: Cl. 14 #43D 85, Medellín, Antioquia

6. Atanasio Girardot Sports Complex

Atanasio Girardot Sports Complex

If you’re a serious swimmer that’s wanting to get fit while in Medellin, there really is no better place to go than the Atanasio Girardot Sports Complex. 

With this pool, the name really does say it all. 

The sports complex is home to an Olympic size swimming pool. There, you can practice backstroke, sidestroke, and whatever other strokes suit your fancy. 

You can also check out the diving pool, and test your limits by diving into the deep end. In total, you’ll find eight different swimming pools at the complex so you definitely won’t get bored. 

You’ll find this swimming pool tantalizingly close to the Laureles Estadio. That puts it right near Casacol’s Moderatto property, as well as a few other local hotels. If you want to relax and unwind after a long day of swimming laps, be sure to head over to the Celestino Spa for a sports massage!

Address: Cra. 74 #48010, Medellín, Antioquia

7. Piscina La Ladera

Piscina La Ladera swimming pool medellin

Last on the list is another great swimming pool for the family. This spot is another recreational complex, which means you’ll find more than just a pool there. 

Here, you can try your hand at roller skating or just hang out in the park. 

In terms of pools, there’s just one big swimming pool. It’s not the best for swimming laps, but it’s a fun place to splash around if you’ve got a free afternoon on your hands. 


Address: Cra. 36 ###57-80, Medellín, Antioquia

Spend a Day by the Poolside in Medellin

There are some truly spectacular swimming pools in Medellin, no matter what kind of swimming experience you’re looking for.

Whether it’s a pool with a view or a water park you want to check out, Medellin has it.

And, while my pick of the mix is the rooftop pool at the Marquee, I get that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Check out some of these pools and pick your favorite one!

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