The Best Hike in San Carlos, Antioquia

The Best Hike in San Carlos, Antioquia

TLDR? The best hike in San Carlos is Cascada la Vieja, and you can go rappelling there too!

Are you a lover of natural waterfalls and hiking? San Carlos is home to one of the most attractive and famous waterfalls for ecotourism in Antioquia!

If you’re looking for a natural and perhaps extreme getaway in Antioquia, Cascada la Vieja is a must-visit!

Get ready to walk in the forest and bathe in one of the best waterfalls just a couple of hours from Medellín! Find out everything you need to know in this guide!

What to Know About San Carlos 

About San Carlos

San Carlos is known as Eastern Antioquia’s sweet coast due to its water wealth since it has 76 streams, six rivers, and countless waterfalls. 

The town is 70 miles (114km) and approximately three hours from Medellin.

San Carlos’ economy is based on coffee, wood, and ecological tourism.

A curious and relevant fact is that San Carlos is one of the towns that generate a high percentage of hydroelectric energy at a national level, contributing almost 20% to all of Colombia.

It’s also home to Cascada La Vieja, one of the best in the region.

Hiking in Cascada La Vieja

Hiking in Cascada La Vieja

Hiking Cascada La Vieja doesn’t require much effort, training, or experience.

You’ll find delimited and cement paths to walk on solid ground through La Viejita, the route leading to this great waterfall of crystal clear water.

Although the Cascada isn’t large, it slides over rocks creating a small and beautiful pool of natural water.

Since it’s close to the town center, you can take a 30-minute hiking tour to get there or arrive in a 10-minute car drive and descend 200 steps.

On this route, you’ll meet another waterfall called La Cascada, which is ideal for swimming surrounded by mountains and vegetation.

Rappelling and Canyoning in Cascada La Vieja 

Rappelling and Canyoning in Cascada La Vieja

You can also find tourism agencies that offer rappelling and canyoning activities in Cascada La Vieja.

If you like extreme sports, you can finish your bike by descending through the waterfall!

Hiring these tours, you’ll have professional guides to assist you before and during the practice and offer the complete set of equipment.

The first waterfall is 55 feet (17m) tall, and the second is 95 feet (29 m). 

For these activities, it’s necessary to have a good physical condition since it requires bodily maneuvers.

Other Waterfalls and Tourist Sites in San Carlos 

Other Waterfalls and Tourist Sites in San Carlos

Casada la Vieja is a place you can’t miss if you love waterfalls, natural baths, hiking, and extreme sports.

However, San Carlos stands out for having many of these ideal natural spaces for ecotourism.

How about spending a few days in this town and going through several paths with waterfalls and rivers? Here are some other tips for your stay:

  • Piedra el Tabor: it’s a viewpoint of a little more than 656 feet (200 m) in height, the second largest stone in Antioquia after El Peñol.
  • San Antonio Spa: it’s a nature trail that leads to a spa with natural pools located seven blocks from the central park.
  • Cascada Los Patios: also known as La Cascada, consists of three waterfalls of approximately 32 feet (10 m) each and is close to the Cascada la Vieja.
  • Charco Redondo: it’s a well of crystalline natural water in La Maria hamlet of San Carlos, with a journey of approximately 40 minutes crossing country bridges.
  • Charco Negro or Rio Tinto: receives this name because its waters resemble coffee, and “Tinto” is a traditional drink from Colombia very similar to American coffee.
  • Río San Carlos: this river forms different spas in different areas of San Carlos and offers tourists the opportunity to swim, slide down the water currents, and even fish!
  • Charco Cañón Cielo Escondido: immerse yourself in natural forests, getting to know and spot many species of Antioquian flora and fauna! Getting there takes a 45-minute walk from the town’s central park.

Some Recommendations to Go to San Carlos

Some Recommendations to Go to San Carlos

This town offers first-hand tourism full of green, natural areas, walks, and waters. That’s why it’s relevant to keep in mind some tips:

  • Wear comfortable clothes and hiking or walking shoes.
  • Bring sun protection as well as hats and sunglasses.
  • If you’re planning on doing extreme activities or other longer walks, hire a guide or tourism agency.
  • Stay for at least a weekend, to enjoy everything properly!

Visit San Carlos, Go to the Cascada la Vieja and Discover More Places With Natural Waters!

San Carlos is undoubtedly a town with many natural riches that generates a positive impact at a national level.

In addition, it offers natural tourism where the main attractions are hiking and visits to rivers, streams, waterfalls, and even canyons. Don’t miss this opportunity!

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