9 Tips for Anyone Going to Caldas for the Day

9 Tips for Anyone Going to Caldas for the Day

TLDR? The source of the Medellin River is near Caldas, and you can go hiking there! 

After exploring Medellin for a couple of weeks, you may be looking to go to the municipalities north or south of the city to get to know the entire Aburrá Valley and leave without missing a single corner.

If you’re thinking about spending a day in Caldas, you need to know a couple of things before your visit.

Stay here and read nine tips for anyone who wants to go to Caldas and enjoy a traditional and natural Antioquian day in this town!

1. How to Get to Caldas

How to Get to Caldas

The municipality of Caldas is after Itagūí, Sabaneta, and La Estrella, 13 miles (22 km) from Parque del Poblado, approximately 45 minutes by car.

To get there faster and safely, you can take the Metro to the Estrella Station, the last one to the south of Line A. Then, you can take a bus from the integrated system, or if you prefer, a taxi or an app car.

This journey takes approximately 30 minutes from the Poblado station. With this means of transport, you also avoid regular traffic jams!

If you prefer to use your rented car because you want to manage your time or make stops in other municipalities, just take the route straight to the south. It’s advisable to avoid peak hours to speed up the journey.

2. Take a Coffee Tour 

Take a Coffee Tour

Caldas is in a coffee zone of Antioquia that takes advantage of its fertile lands and surrounding nature to sow this grain.

You’ll find coffee farms that offer a tour covering the crops and the grain preparation processes.

It’s an educational tour that tries to explain and teach each step from cultivation to the cup of coffee consumed. It lasts approximately three hours in the morning before enjoying an Antioquian lunch.

3. La Gruta

La Gruta

La Gruta is a monument built in 1942 to which many parishioners go to pay petitions. It’s a religious practice that takes place during Holy Week and has a lot of cultural value for the people of this town and Antioquia in general.

If you’re religious and interested in these Catholic monuments around the world, it’s something you could visit.

4. Traditional Local Food 

Traditional Local Food

Caldas is a relatively new town, but its deeply rooted Antioquian culture shows through its architecture, practices, and food.

One of the best plans to do in Caldas is to enjoy its traditional food. Visit one of these restaurants highlighted as the best, and delight yourself with Paisa cuisine!

  • Restaurante Sabor Ambrosia 
  • Restaurante La Posada del Oeste 
  • Restaurante el Costillazo Paisa
  • El Arriero Gastro Bar
  • La Casita de la Abuela 

Don’t leave without trying the emblematic obleas con arequipe from Caldas!

5. Catedral Nuestra Señora de Las Mercedes 

Catedral Nuestra Señora de Las Mercedes

The Caldas Cathedral is another Catholic icon in town. Despite its elegant details, it remains a simple parish.

You can attend an Antioquian mass at four different times of the day if you practice this religion. 

6. Fiestas del Aguacero

Fiestas del Aguacero

Caldas is recognized for these festivities – after all, it rains a lot in this area of the Valle de Aburra.

This town, called “broken sky”, celebrates this phenomenon in a lively way with music, dance, and concerts. People cook typical dishes such as sancocho or beans in large pots on firewood. 

And if it rains, all this is done under the water!

Caldas celebrates Fiestas del Aguacero in the middle of each year, so if you’re in Medellin between June and July, you can take advantage of your visit and go to this festival.

7. Medellin River Source

Medellin River Source

La Clara hamlet, near Caldas, is the source of the Medellin River. This birth of crystal clear and cold waters is a very touristic natural site that offers hiking tours, waterfalls, and even camping.

If you’re a nature tour and walk lover, this is one of the most recommended in this town.

You’ll find the hamlet after a walk through a forest in one of the town’s surrounding mountains, Alto de San Miguel.

8. Cycling in Alto de Minas 

Cycling in Alto de Minas

El Alto de Minas is located after Caldas, leaving Medellin, and consists of a mountainous area very popular with cyclists who pedal and have breakfast there.

It’s a section of extreme difficulty for these two-wheel athletes.

9. Other Recommendations

Other Recommendations

Bring a coat! Temperatures tend to drop at night. And of course,  don’t forget your umbrella! You’re going to the so-called “broken sky” city. 

Wear comfortable clothes for all walking and hiking activities.

Visit Caldas

Caldas is an ideal town for a day of relaxation and tranquility.

Enjoy nature, try a lot of traditional food, and walk through the commercial streets of this Paisa municipality. Don’t miss a day in this place south of Medellín!

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