Marquee - Construction Period Nov 2018 - March 2021

Marquee Hotel - Construction Period November 2018 - March 2021

The Marquee Hotel when complete, will be launched into a class in and of itself. The first true luxury 5-star hotel in Medellin built to exacting standards with absolutely no compromise on detail, design or location. Located on the corner of Parque Lleras, Marquee also represents our commitment to the revitalization and re-launch of Parque Lleras (2021) being led by the City of Medellin.

Top features

Hotel Marquee was designed from the ground up to offer what will be the longest list of 5-star hotel amenities you will find anywhere in Medellin:

43 luxurious suites with double and quadruple occupancy, corner suites with Jacuzzi
2 impeccably designed and appointed penthouse suites, 1 and 2 bedrooms
 Rooftop lounge, heated pool, jacuzzi, full service bar for guests
Abbiocco by Carmen restaurant and bar


Sales for the Marquee hotel project have now been completed but for more information about future projects visit our sales page at or contact the Casacol sales team at to get in on the "ground floor" of our next developments.


Our location is truly iconic, located on a prime corner of Parque Lleras, Medellin. Casacol and Hotel Marquee have been committed to the reconstruction and revitalization of Parque Lleras to ensure it remains a landmark tourist destination for Medellin, Colombia and Latin America. As the result of projects like Marquee the City of Medellin will invest more than $6M USD into the rebuilding and refurbishment of Parque Lleras in 2021 and 2022.

Staying in Hotel Marquee

Visit our webpage for bookings at or contact our general manager directly

Monthly Construction Updates

February 2019

Recycling and demolition of the original structure, one of the original and most iconic Parque Lleras homes/restaurants.

March 2019

Demolition and site preparation.

April 2019

Initial excavation begins.

May 2019

Anchoring of the neighbouring structures.

June 2019

Step by step excavation and continued anchoring of neighbouring buildings.

July 2019

Anchoring and excavation completes to a depth of 9 meters.

August 2019

Boring and injection of steel and concrete into foundation.

September 2019

Continued work on foundations.

October 2019

Structure commences in basement level 2.

November 2019

Structure reaches first floor lobby level.

December 2019

Structure continues to 2nd and 3rd floors.

January 2020

Fourth and fifth floor structural progress.

February 2020

View from 7th floor.

March 2020

Structural completion and view from rooftop.

April 2020

Interior masonry, plumbing and electrical.

May 2020

Facade, glass and metal prototyping.

June 2020

Interior finishes and prototyping.

July 2020

Drywall and interior finishing continues.

August 2020

Installation of plumbing and electrical infrastructure.

September 2020

Installation of glass and metal facade well underway.

October 2020

With the rooms well advanced, attention turns to lobby and basements.

November 2020

Room interiors highly advanced, furniture prototyping begins.

December 2020

Rooftop terrace and bar highly advanced.

January 2021

Lobby terrace and facade final touches.

February 2021

Finishing of kitchen, bars, F&B infrastructure.

March 2021

Final interior design, standard room.

April 2021