Landmark Boutique Hotel - Construction Period July 2020 - In Construction

Landmark Hotel Medellin

Landmark Boutique Hotel - Construction Period July 2020 - In Construction

The Landmark Hotel, located in the most up and coming neighbourhood of El Poblado, Barrio Manila, combines an exceptional, modern design with a mixed use 84 room hotel + commercial/retail income streams.

Landmark Hotel Medellin

Top features

Designed by renowned architects "PlanB", every detail of Landmark has been meticulously thought out and planned.

84 air conditioned balcony rooms and duplex apartments with a lush and inviting interior design
Rooftop Sky Club with lounge, exceptional 360 degree views, and one of the few hotel rooftop pools in Medellin
With 3 restaurants Landmark itself will be a destination for Medellin's fast growing gastronomic scene
Hotel owned commercial spaces for a wide array of co-working/office rent opportunities
Large interior courtyard for pin-drop quiet guest relaxation


The initial fundraising round for Landmark is now complete, but a limited number of investors can still participate in this stage of the project. Contact for a full investor presentation and full set of financial projections based on our track record of previous projects and current operations.


Located in the heart of Barrio Manila, Landmark finds itself in one of the most enviable locations of El Poblado. Minutes walking to everything from the Medellin Metro, dozens of new cafes, restaurants and nightlife options, yet a neighbourhood free of the noisy discotecas of Lleras/Provenza. The hotel will itself will redefine the neighbourhood as a destination for a global tourist looking for an upscale yet accessible stay in Medellin.

Investor Model and Benefits

New hotels in Colombia receive a favourable tax abatement (9% corporate tax rate) for 10 years post launch. The Landmark project is entirely owned by titled investors in the hotel's holding company in shareholder increments of 0.25% allowing investors in the hotel to buy and sell with ease. Contact Juan Pablo for additional details on tax efficiency and dividend payouts.

Monthly Construction Updates

July 2020

Demolition, site preparation, hiring of more than 80 project workers.

August 2020

Initial excavation to a depth of 12 meters for construction of basement level.

September 2020

Construction of retaining walls and 36 columns to be filled with concrete and steel to form the foundation.

October 2020

Core project team of engineers, project managers, architects, designers and Casacol staff against backdrop of building foundations.

November 2020

Structure begins to take shape at ground level.

December 2020

Basement and ground level structure complete.

January 2021

Structural progress on 2nd and 3rd floors.

February 2021

Structural progress on 4th and 5th (duplex) floors.

March 2021

Structural completion and view from Landmark rooftop.

April 2021

Internal masonry, pre-cast balcony installation commences.

May 2021

Balcony facade progress on schedule.

June 2021

100% of pre-cast balconies now complete and attached to facade.

July 2021

Room interior advances on second and third floors.

August 2021

Interior advance on "penthouse" duplex suites.

September 2021

Facade, windows, balcony handrail installation, lobby advance.

October 2021

Interior design prototyping.

November 2021

Rooftop and pool area details and progress.

December 2021

Interior build out and carpentry progress on 5th floor.

January 2022

Final details and finishes on Lobby level.

February 2021

Update TBA.

March 2022