Terms and Conditions

By completing payment and receiving any of our rental apartments, clients of Casacol SAS agree to the following terms and conditions and may be asked to sign these terms and conditions upon arriving at building security.

1) Payment: 100% prepayment is required via transfer to Bancolombia or PayPal/Credit card (+5.0%), or via payment with OTA/Portal. Reservations can be cancelled/modified up to 30 days prior to check-in with 50% refund and no refunds to reservations canceled/modified less than 30 days within check-in.

2) Check In is after 3pm and check out is at 12 noon. Additional fees will be charged if you exceed the check out time. Half a daily rate will be charged for a check out that is done up to 6 hours after the set time, a whole daily rate for more than 6 hours.

3) A reservation deposit may be taken ($600.000 COP or $200 USD for most apartments) and also functions as your damage deposit, which is returned to you upon satisfactory checkout.

4) If there is an apartment inventory attached to the welcome letter you should review it immediately and notify us of any discrepancies.  You may be charged for inventory discrepancies upon checkout.

5) We understand that accidents happen and ask that you notify us if you happen to break or damage something in the apartment. You can choose to replace it yourself or for us to utilize your damage deposit. Please notify us in any event, thank you. 

6) Casacol is not responsible for the loss of any personal objects, every apartment is provided with a safe, please use it.

7) Every apartment has a reasonable usage limit on utilities (gas, water, electricity, telephone calls). However negligence such as leaving lights, fans, TV on, or excessive shower usage will cause the utilities to exceed average amounts and you may be charged as a result when the utilities are paid.

8) Please respect the quiet hours in the building. Parties, loud music and noise that disturbs the tranquility of other property owners after 10pm weekdays and 11pm on weekends is prohibited. If these rules are not abided, you may be fined up to $300.000 COP for each instance of disorderly conduct as per building regulations, this can also cause the presence of the police, energy cuts and also if the conduct is repeated you can be evicted by the police at request of the administration.

9) The building common areas must remain free of cigarette smoke.

10) Sex/drug trafficking is illegal in Colombia (minors, prostitution, drugs abuse, utilizing the apartment for purposes other than tourism/business travel, etc.) and any evidence of sex/drug trafficking may be reported by building security/residents to authorities with or without our knowledge and may have serious legal consequences for the offender.

11) The guest must register all his visitors at the front desk with their Cedula de Ciudadania, Passport or a written permission from their parents. By authorizing the entrance of visitors, the guest is responsible for their behaviour, which will be subject to these terms and conditions, and building by-laws.

12) There have been problems with residents/guests throwing garbage, cigarette butts, etc., out the windows. You may be fined up to $300.000 COP as per building regulations in case of these kinds of events reported to building security/administration.

13) Parking service is no charge but is subject to availability.

14) If you choose to extend your stay please notify us within 4 weeks minimum of your departure date so that we can guarantee your booking for the following month. This prevents us from having to move you to another apartment.

15) In case you lose your apartment keys, the cost of calling the locksmith, opening the door and the set of new keys is your responsibility.

16) If for some reason you have to terminate your stay before planned, keep in mind that we won´t be able to refund your money. Casacol will not refund or reassess the amounts paid if the guest leaves before the planned date outside of extraordinary circumstances. 

17) The guest may not transfer his rights to the apartment to another person or sublet without the authorization of Casacol.

18) You may be asked to sign these terms and conditions upon arrival and may be required to sign in order to receive keys for your stay.