Casacol VIP Black Card 2018

We want to offer you the best experience in Medellin, that's why we made an alliance with some of the best establishments in the city and created Casacol Black Card. When you arrive to your apartment you'll find a black card that you can use the whole 2018 and enjoy all the benefits:

Bar - Restaurant

Bastard is built in the middle of a natural environment. It has three different areas: Antejardín, a lounge on the first floor and a terrace with a sliding roof of the latest technology, which gives its customers a 100% outdoor experience. A place that brings together a variety of international food, signature cocktails and unparalleled architecture, with details and perfect spaces to celebrate from a good night friends or as a couple, to business events.

20% off the entire bill from Sunday to Thursday.

Address: Carrera 35 No 8A-11 - Check Google Maps here.

Bar - Restaurant

Great food and amazing ambience!! 20% off the entire bill.

Address: Carrera 35 #8A-67 - Check Google Maps here.

Bar - Restaurant

Sinko is the perfect place to enjoy an incredible afternoon with your friends. 20% off the entire bill at Sinko Rio Sur (Monday to Saturday - Whole day) - 20% off the entire bill at Sinko Market (Monday to Thursday - Since 3pm and Saturday and Sunday the whole day)

Address Sinko Rio Sur: Carrera 43a #6 sur26 - Check Google Maps here.

Address Sinko Market: Calle 24 No. 48-28 - Check Google Maps here.


"Contemporary cuisine with local ingredients".  20% off entire lunch bill - food and alcohol

Address: Carrera 36 # 10A-27 - Check Google Maps here.


Here you'll find real and delicious Italian food. 10% off the entire bill OR free dessert.

Address: Carrera 43A #1 sur- 150 - Check Google Maps  here.


You'll fall in love with the food the ambience and the service of Osea.  Free dessert for a food purchase.

Address: Calle 9 #49B-28 - Check Google Maps here.


If you know what a Poke is you have to know that here you'll find the best ones in Medellin, and if you don't know what a poke is you have to run and try one here, you'll love it. Free drink with the purchase of a poke.

Address: Carrera 34 #7-73 - Check Google Maps here.


You can't miss the best burguers in town.  15% off the entire bill from Monday to Thursday.

Address: Carrera 34 #7-90 - Check Google Maps here.


Tabun is the prefect place if you love Arabic or Indian food.

Belly dance show at weekends, amazing ambient, great food. 20% off  the entire bill 

Address: Carrera 33 #7-99,  - Check Google Maps here


This is the perfect place for all gin lovers. 10% off in Gin and Tonics.

Address: Carrera 34#7-100 101 - Check Google Maps here.


This incredible rooftop is famous for it's delicious sangria, so don't miss it.  20% at Panorama Laureles and 15% at Panorama Provenza (Monday to Thursday)

Address: Calle 8 #34-33 - Check Google Maps here - Provenza

Address: Carrera 73 con circular 3-8 - Check Google Maps here - Laureles

HomeMade Food Delivery

You want to enjoy your stay in your apartment? You’re tired of your day and don’t want to cook or go out? For you, Merci Chef cook and deliver organic, healthy and gourmet meals. Visit our website and receive a -10% on your purchaseusing the code : CASACOL

Website :

Cafe - Pastry

Amazing pastry and incredible coffee are just one of the many qualities of Como Pez en el Agua. Free coffee with any food purchase.

Address: Carrera 35 #8A-67 - Check Google Maps here.


If you want to try a new way of drinking coffee, then you have to visit Velvet, plus they have an amazing menu for breakfast and some delicious pastery. 15% in coffee, tea and chocolate OR one free coffee for the purchase of a breakfast with eggs.

Address: Carrera 37 #8A-46 - Check Google Maps here.