Poblado on a budget 

Poblado on a budget: Do you want to stay in a furnished apartment in one of the best neighborhoods in Medellín but have a limited budget? This page contains an assortment of our most affordable furnished apartments in El Poblado. Here you'll find prices from just $700/month - $50/night. Prices can vary slightly depending on time of year so please contact the property manager directly for availability.

Contact: "Poblado on a budget" is managed at Casacol exclusively by Susana Acosta. For inquiries and latest prices you can send your check-in and check-out dates directly to Susana's email, susana@casacol.co or to her phone/iMessage +57 3216433584, or you can start a Whatsapp chat conversation immediately by clicking the link.

Susana Acosta

About the property manager: Susana joined Casacol in 2018 after her International Business studies in EAFIT University. Susana is 100% bi-lingual and is passionate about the real estate industry in Medellin. Susana comes from a family of entrepreneurs and considers her property management responsibility at Casacol like "running her own business" too. She enjoys hiking the mountains around Medellin in her free time.