Accounting Services in Medellin

Casacol has an in-house accounting team with more than 40 years of combined experience, led by Juan Carlos Rodriguez. Juan joins us with 15 years of experience in corporate accounting, tax and audit working with firms much larger than Casacol. He has overseen accounting departments for mega-projects of foreign investment (Chinese/American/German investors) with 1000s of employees. Juan works very closely with our advisors at Deloitte Colombia to design and maintain compliance for the most tax efficient structures for our clients.

Juan has also created a tax/accounting brief for our foreign clients here based on the most up to date information in the 2019 tax reform. You can read it here.

Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions About Accounting in Colombia

1) Do I even have to file taxes in Colombia?

2) When are my taxes due in Colombia?

3) What are the general taxes rates in Colombia?

4) Will I be double taxed in Colombia and my home country?

5) What kind of expenses can I deduct against my net Colombian income?

6) Do I need an accountant to prepare my taxes in Colombia?

7) I live in a country that has a tax treaty with Colombia, what does that mean for me?

8) What is the difference between resident and tax resident? What are the rules?

9) What are the capital gains taxes in Colombia?