Las Tángaras Bird Reserve in Medellin

Las Tángaras Bird Reserve in Medellin

TLDR? Las Tángaras Bird Reserve is a bird lover’s paradise about five hours away from Medellin.

Did you know that Colombia has the greatest diversity of bird species in the world? If you’re a bird lover and enjoying nature is your thing, then I’d say that’s a pretty big perk of visiting this country. 

While you won’t see tons of birds in the city (you’ll see a few, but think pigeons and morning doves), you can see plenty if you venture out to the surrounding countryside

One place you can do so is at Las Tángaras Bird Reserve. Here’s what you need to know!

The History of Proaves Foundation

Las Tángaras is one of Proaves Foundation’s reserves. This foundation was launched in 1998 as a conservatory to save the Yellow-eared Parrot from extinction. 

In 2009, the group created this nature reserve that currently focuses on conserving different types of endangered birds and amphibians.

The foundation has 28 different types of nature reserves throughout the country. Over the years, they’ve helped maintain the biodiversity of Colombia by preserving and caring for the animals that inhabit the reservations. 

Such a commitment includes research, conservation, and environmental education; an entire community’s dedicated to protecting the environment as much as possible from climate change caused by pollution.

Activities and Things to Do at the Reserve

Now that you’ve got some background on the bird reserve, here comes the fun part! Here’s what you can find while in exploring this unique nature reserve.

Bird Watching

The reserve is home to 250 different species of birds. A couple of those include:

  • Tángara
  • Tatamá 
  • Tángara Aurinegra 

These birds, which are endangered species, are the reason why the group created the reservation. They’re also the namesake for the reserve. 


There’s nothing more relaxing than a nature walk! There are tons of hiking trails around Tángaras, and you can see tons of little critters, not just birds!

Just remember to bring a rain jacket. The weather tends to be a bit cooler when you’re under the canopy of the trees. And, sudden rain showers are pretty common in the area.


The orchid is Colombia’s national flower. You’ll see it in many places in the reserve, which is cool since most of us are used to seeing them sold in pots. 

You’ll also see other types of flowers and trees of all sizes. There are tons of species that are endemic to Colombia, so you can get a real feel for the flora of the country. 

Atrato River

One of the sections of the reserve is the basin of the Atrato river where cold, clean water springs from the ground. 

However, it isn’t the only water source you’ll find on property; other streams are also part of the place’s charm.

Night Wildlife Observation

It’s not just during the day can you enjoy the nature of the place. At night you can also observe the nightlife and the different animals that come out in the dark.

If you want to stay overnight at the reserve, this is a great opportunity to see animals that don’t usually come out during the bright daylight hours.

Hummingbirds Feeders

Who doesn’t love hummingbirds? In Las Tángaras you’ll find tons of these birds fluttering around the property. 

Since they’re so fast, hummingbirds can be hard to catch. The reserve has multiple feeders around the foundation so that you have a higher chance of spotting them.

Services and Amenities

The reserve can give you many extra benefits besides the birds and natural beauty. Here are a couple of the amenities around the park.

Mod Cons

While in the middle of nature, you’ll still have internet access, water, coffee, and tea stations. Additionally, you’ll find rest areas with comfortable chairs to relax. Grab a drink and sit down to relax while you listen to the sounds of birds flying around you!


The reserve has different types of cabins that, together with the place’s cold weather and the sounds of nature, make it one of the best places you’ll ever sleep. It’s the perfect place to go glamping!

There’s a main lodge that you can stay in as well as smaller cabins that are perfect for families. Just be aware that these are pretty rustic. You’ll really be living off the land!

Don’t forget to make your reservation ahead of time. Reservations are not allowed when you arrive at the place, so make sure to book before traveling. 

How to Get There

If you’re wondering how to get to the nature reserve, I’ve got your back. Las Tangaras is located in the municipality of Carmen de Atrato, in the department of Chocó. And, you can get there without any problems by bus or car.

Let’s take a closer look at each method of getting to the reserve.

Public Transport

Taking public transportation to get to the reserve is great if you want to avoid paying for a rental car. Not only is the bus cheaper, but it’s actually pretty convenient. 

To take the bus to the reserve, go to the South terminal in Medellín and ask for the Surandina bus company. They have a route to the municipality of Carmen de Atrato, Chocó.

Ask to get off at the El Siete stop. From there, you can take an express transport that’ll leave you at the nature reserve entrance. The trip takes about 15 minutes. 

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t go all the way to Carmen de Atrato! If you forget to get off, just ask the bus driver the timetable for the return trip. He’ll be able to pick you up again or instruct you which bus will take you back.

Private Transport

If you prefer private transportation, it’s easy to get there in any vehicle. The roads are pretty smooth, so you don’t have to worry about that. 

We always take the motorcycle. I love it because the drive is a lot more entertaining. It’s also a little bit faster. And, in Colombia, you don’t have to pay tolls if you’re on a motorcycle.

But, if you’d rather rent a car, that’s not a bad idea either. 

The travel time is about five hours from Medellin. Once you arrive at the reserve, you’ll have to go another five miles to get to the cabins of the reserve and the trails. If your trip was not by private transport, you must reserve this transport in advance.

Visit Las Tángaras Bird Reserve

Las Tángaras Bird Reserve is for true nature lovers. You’ll see tons of birds and, if you’re lucky, some wild animals will come to visit you! Plan your visit and explore the wild side of Colombia.

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