Enjoying Jungle Life in Jardin Circunvalar

Enjoying Jungle Life in Jardin Circunvalar

TLDR? Jardin Circunvalar is a famous ecopark in Medellín where you can enjoy a bit of nature without straying too far from the city.

Experiencing the beautiful landscapes in Medellin is one of the best ways to enjoy your vacation. And it’s definitely a bonus when you get to meet Colombian locals and spend a day with them!

Jardin Circunvalar is a park in Medellin that combines nature and modernization. I had the chance to visit this secluded yet beautiful trail, and I’ll share my experience with you in this guide! 

So, get ready as I take you to a unique jungle life experience in Jardin Circunvalar. Let’s begin! 

Getting to Jardin Circunvalar

Getting to Jardin Circunvalar

Jardin Circunvalar is in a pretty secluded place, and it’s right where the rural and urban life in Medellin meet. I chose to drive myself because I rented a car, and it only took me around 15 to 20 minutes from my hotel. 

Yes, it’s nearby Medellin town proper, so going there will not be a hassle. Public transportations like the tram or bus are also good choices if you want to commute. But you must know that riding the bus will take longer because you must get off at several stations. 

Riding the tram is also convenient because you’ll reach the eco-park in less than thirty minutes. But you should first ride the subway to San Antonio Station. You’ll ride the tram from there and get off at Miraflores Station. 

After reaching Miraflores, you should ride the Metrocable Line M to reach 13 de Noviembre station. And then it’s only a two-block walk until you reach Jarvin Circunvalar’s hiking trail. 

You must remember that you’ll be crossing a rural community. But don’t be afraid because the Colombian locals are kind and will even help you find your parking! 

Also, several police on duty are patrolling the eco-park, so it should be safe to roam around and have fun. 

Inside Jardin Circunvalar

Inside Jardin Circunvalar

Okay, so before I get into all the details, I think it’s only proper to introduce Jardin Circunvalar first. 

Jardin Circunvalar is one of the eco-parks included in the Colombian Metropolitan Green Belt. The goal of the Green Belt is to create a balanced and orderly area combining rural and urban communities. 

And the Colombians believe that the goal will be met through projects and programs created by Medellin’s Mayor’s Office. The Mayor’s office also works hand-in-hand with the municipalities from Valle de Aburra.

Jardin Circunvalar has the following schedules:

  • Mondays to Saturdays: 8 am to 5 pm
  • Saturdays: 8 am to 4 pm
  • Sundays: 9 am to 4 pm

I liked that this eco-park utilized solar panels for energy conservation. And, there’s also a silviculture program that sequesters carbon emissions. Being true to the goal, Jarvin Circunvalar is all about preserving Medellin’s beautiful nature reserves. 

So, when I visited Jarvin Circunvalar, I spent at least three hours hiking, enjoying the view, and taking lots of photos. It was not the easiest hike. But trust me, the view at the top is breathtaking! 

Also, if you’re a beginner hiker, don’t worry. Jarvin Circunvalar has several guides along the way, so it’s easy to get back on track when you feel lost. 

You will also have the chance to meet Colombian locals, mainly from the rural community. Again, don’t be afraid of them because they’re very approachable. Some would even be kind enough to give you a tour of the eco-park. 

The Jungle Life in Jardin Circunvalar

The Jungle Life in Jardin Circunvalar

Okay, so if living a jungle life is something you’d want to experience, I reckon to visit Jardin Circunvalar when you’re vacationing in Medellin. Even though it’s only a nature reserve or an eco-park, there’s so much you can do in this tourist attraction. 

For starters, Jardin Circunvalar has beautiful hiking trails. And while hiking, you can get immersed in lush green forests and Colombian wildlife. Yes, there are animals you can interact with. 

Hiking trails are not that complex, so everyone can try them. Although if it gets sunny, prepare your hats and umbrellas because it can get very hot. 

I also suggest you bring your refillable water tumbler because the hike can get tiring. You can also bring some extra clothes, just in case you sweat because of the heat. 

Hike all the way up until you reach Cerro de Pan de Azucar. It’s also famously known as the Sugar Loaf Hill and has one of the highest altitudes in the world. 

The most beautiful view is one on top of Sugar Loaf Hill. You can see the entirety of Medellin at its peak. And it’s the nearest you can get to the clouds! 

If you’re going to the top of Sugar Loaf Hill, I recommend starting to hike at 3 pm when the sun’s not too hot. 

When you reach the top, there’s also a small boutique store selling refreshing drinks and pastries. Be sure to try its chocolo arepas with quesito or the mote with hogao. 

If you’re unfamiliar, quesito is a pastry twist filled with cream cheese. It’s the perfect bread to eat while having a picnic with your friends! On the other hand, hogao is a tomato creole sauce you can use as a spread for your bread or nachos. 

Aside from hiking, I also enjoyed a good picnic with my friends. Some locals I met while going up also joined in. It’s a whole new experience to enjoy a picnic at the Sugar Loaf Hills’ peak. The weather is cool, surrounded by green landscapes you won’t see elsewhere. 

Another piece of advice: take lots of photos. You will see a different side of Medellin when you visit Jardin Circunvalar. It’s secluded and peaceful, and you get to bond with Colombian locals who are familiar with the place. 

While enjoying the view, you will also see different animals, such as butterflies, birds, and even dogs! 

Live Like Tarzan in Jardin Circunvalar

Visiting Jardin Circunvalar is definitely one of my favorite experiences in Medellin. The hiking was tiring yet fulfilling, and I enjoyed meeting new local friends. For the perfect adventure, visit this nature reserve in the late afternoon. 

Checking out Jardin Circunvalar at night also gives you a different experience. You’ll witness the beautiful city lights of the entire Medellin! 

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