Celestino Hotel Expansion - Construction Period Feb 2021 - Feb 2022

Celestino Hotel Expansion - Construction Period Feb 2021 - Feb 2022

Welcome to Hotel Celestino. Come see what one of the most recognizable, top rated, and most visited boutique hotels in Medellin looks like. This page is designed to show monthly construction progress to investors current and future, our hotel website is located here.

Top features

When we deliver the Celestino expansion in early 2022, we will continue to build on our success and add/expand with new amenities:

A grand total of 40 lush, botanical styled rooms, including new penthouse suites and double rooms to accommodate up to 4 guests
Rooftop lounge (doubled in size), a new heated pool/jacuzzi
Expansion (2x) of Azul Selva, one of Medellin's top rated brunch/coffee venues
A new spa, with a wide range of services for guests and the general public
The same, uncompromising customer service that our guests are used to


In typical Casacol form, we have a focused on truly unique location as our #1 strategy for Celestino. "La via Primavera" (the street of Spring) eternalizes the very best Medellin has to offer: from coffee, restaurants, local designer shopping, even flower shops. Not to mention the top rated and occupied boutique hotel in Medellin in 2019 and 2020, our own Hotel Celestino.


Fundraising for the Celestino expansion is complete, but share resales are often available from existing shareholders. If you are interest in becoming part of this special hotel and the dividends it pays to investors, please contact sales@casacol.co to review financials and investment possibilities.

February 2021

Demolition and site preparation.

March 2021

Initial excavation to a depth of 9 meters for construction of basement.

April 2021

Excavation and installation of foundation/pilings.

May 2021

Pilings and foundation complete, progress continues on retaining walls.

June 2021

Basement level structure complete, pouring slab on lobby/ground floor level.

July 2021

Second floor concrete slab poured, columns 2>3 floor ready.

August 2021

Structural Completion.

September 2021

Exterior walls are raised, internal plumbing installation.

October 2021

Interior advances to the 5th floor, electrical and fire suppression.

November 2021

Build out of lobby and restaurant expansion.

December 2021

Advancement of interior finishings.

January 2022

Adding details to the new balconies.

February 2022

Brand new jacuzzi in the rooftop.

March 2022

Advancement of facade.

April 2022

Lush greenery in the heart of Poblado.