The Village Explorer’s Guide to Where to Stay in Remedios

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The Village Explorer’s Guide to Where to Stay in Remedios

TLDR? Hotel Torres de Angola is the best place to stay in Remedios.

Remedios is a small Antioquian town close to Segovia. It’s known for its beautiful streams and waterfalls.

Remedios is the perfect place for fishing, hiking, taking a dip, or doing the traditional paseo de olla. Who doesn’t like to take a walk through one of the most natural landscapes Colombia has to offer?

But we can’t forget to rest and relax a little after so many adventures!

Lucky for you, as a village explorer with years of experience, I’m here to show you the best places to stay in Remedios. Let’s jump in!

Hotel Torres de Angola

The best hotel in Remedios is on the town’s main road. The rooms at Torres de Angola are simple but cozy, perfect for spending the night and getting on the road the next day.

Here are some of the amenities they offer:

  • Double or simple beds
  • Fan
  • Air conditioner
  • Private bathroom
  • TV
  • Jacuzzi

What stands out most about this hotel are the delicious dishes prepared in the restaurant. The locals speak very well of this place’s food.

Torres de Angola doesn’t have private parking, but you can park your vehicle at the gas station in front of the hotel.

Another point in favor of this spot is its proximity to the Parque Recreativo de Los Mineros: it only takes you 20 minutes to get to this tourist attraction.

Insider tip: I recommend you order the Salchipapa. The dish mixes french fries, sausage, cheddar sauce, and parmesan cheese.

Hotel Balcones de Santa Ana 

A small, comfortable, and simple hotel to rest in after a day trip through Antioquia. Hotel Balcones de Santa Ana has low prices, but they have everything they need to make their guests feel good.

Rooms can accommodate up to five people, and you can request double or single beds. Other amenities offered are a TV, fan, and private bathroom.

You should know that the hotel’s WiFi might be unstable or not working since it depends on the weather conditions. It’s also in front of a gas station, so you can park your vehicle and even ask them to wash it while you relax at the hotel.

The hotel’s restaurant is well-known in Remedios due to its traditional dishes. As for other common areas, you can have a cocktail at the bar or take the opportunity to do laundry.

And then, after eating or having a drink, you can relax in the pool and get the tan you always wanted.

Guayacan Hostal

Guayacan is a small hostel run by Mariela, a lady who cooks delicious meals in her seafood restaurant.

The accommodations cost incredibly low, but the place’s comfortable.

The rooms offer a private bathroom, a small TV, a fan, and double or single beds.

What stands out about this place is Mariela’s restaurant, where the specialties are ceviches, shrimp, and fish of all kinds.

Insider tip: Mariela told me that one of the most popular dishes in her restaurant was salmon with shrimp and coconut sauce, accompanied by patacones (fried green plátano) and salad.

Hotel Terrasol

If you want to stay in the middle of the town, Hotel Terrasol is the best option. You can find many restaurants around the hotel and need to walk only a few steps to reach Remedios’ central park.

This place’s a bit more luxurious as you can have some amenities like:

  • Air conditioner
  • Fan 
  • Private bathroom
  • Double and simple beds

Also, this is a perfect spot for digital nomads due to its stable WiFi connection.

You can go up to the hotel terrace to have a complete view of the village and have a drink while enjoying the landscapes.

Take a Rest From Village Exploration in Remedios

Although it’s a small town away from everything, the locals strive to attend to their guests in the best possible way. 

If you headed to Remedios to rest from your trip, you came to the right place. And, don’t forget to try their typical dishes before you go!

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