The Best Places to Eat in Necocli

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The Best Places to Eat in Necocli

TLDR? El Ganadero is one of the best restaurants in Necocli.

If you want to get out of the city and try something different from Medellín’s typical flavors, Necocli is your best option. The Bandeja Paisa and other popular dishes from Paisa city aren’t Antioquia’s sole culinary pride. 

This place’s full of gastronomic surprises. Trying different dishes wherever you travel can be challenging, but when it comes to Colombian food, I have to say it’s worth it.

Keep reading, and I’ll show you where to eat on the coast of Necocli, Colombia!

El Ganadero Restaurant

El Ganadero is a typical coastal restaurant.

Here you can find various types of seafood, which is their specialty. A typical dish you can’t miss from this area is fish soup. Delicious!

The main dishes include different seafood preparations such as shrimp and fish dishes accompanied by plantain toast.

El Ganadero is a simple restaurant with mouthwatering and inexpensive meals. Eating there will fit your budget and please your stomach!

Address: Cl. 50 #46-14, Necoclí, Antioquia

Restaurante Bar Antorchas en la Arena

Antorchas is a restaurant on the sand facing the sea.

It’s the perfect spot to see the sea at night, enjoy the breeze, and eat!

They usually have tables on the sand and tents to protect you from the sun. Its most significant adornment and the reason for its name are the torches lit with fire that give the place another atmosphere.

You can enjoy fish in different presentations, try their seafood pasta, or eat a delicious Asian salad. There are also vegetarian salads available.

Many of their dishes are the gourmet type with good presentations, and there’s a romantic dinner service by the sea. All this makes Antorchas en la Arena the best option for celebrating special occasions.

If you’re looking for a drink with some alcohol, try their piña colada at sunset.

Address: Cl. 50 #51-91 a 51-63, Necoclí, Antioquia

Mangata Beach Bar

If you’re looking for a place to grab a bite, hang out with a drink, and enjoy the sea, Mangata allows you to do both. A small space full of personality right on the beach.

Mangata’s specialty is colorful cocktails! This bar’s the perfect place to drink a little alcohol at the beach with good company.

If you’re a fan of ceviche, you’ll love hanging out here listening to music with sand on your feet.

Address: Cra. 37a, Necoclí, Antioquia

Casa Hotel Palmas 2

Like most restaurants in Necocli, Las Palmas 2 is a simple and cheap place where you can go for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or enjoy the hotel bar. 

If you want to eat other dishes than coastal food, here you can also find meat, spaghetti or the famous Bandeja Paisa.

It’s the perfect place to have a drink on a hot afternoon, be it a natural fruit juice or beer, and maybe eat ice cream from the fridge.

Address: Cra. 50 #46-183, Necoclí, Antioquia

Restaurante Galápagos

Most restaurants in Necocli have a simple style according to the town’s culture.

Galapagos has a coastal, homey, and very colorful atmosphere. The dish that stands out the most is fried fish, to which I suggest you add a touch of lemon. You should also try the restaurant’s typical sancocho!

Address: Cra. 51 #46-258 a 46-300, Necoclí, Antioquia, Colombia

Zion Beach Bar

Zion is a typical beach wood kiosk that allows the sea breeze to accompany you inside.

Here you’ll find classic seafood at an affordable price. A cold beer is the best option to accompany the meals here.

Address: Cl. 51, Necoclí, Antioquia, Colombia

La Galera Cevicheria

The main dishes in this pal trees alley’s cevichería include lots of shrimp, plantain, and avocado.

Most of their ceviches come with crispy slices of banana.

Another of its best-known preparations is shrimp tacos, with the usual Mexican tortilla stuffed with shrimp and sauces.

Here you can accompany your dishes with different beers from well-known Colombian brands or some craft beers if you want to try something different.

Address: Callejón de las Palmeras

Plaza de Mercado Local

If you want to try all the new tastes you can, make sure to include the typical coastal fruits on your gastronomic tour.

You’ll find coconut, bananas, and passion fruit, among others.

One of the dishes recommended by the locals is Sierra Frita, one of the easiest fish to find in the sea.

If you want a dessert after lunch, you can try Cocadas, a delicious appetizer made with coconut and other ingredients that leave it soft and very sweet.

Address: Cl. 51 #44-1, Necoclí, Antioquia

Explore Different Flavors in Necocli

As they say in Latin America, sol, playa y arena (sun, beach, and sand) is the perfect combination for anyone. But, when you add a good meal, and it becomes a truly terrific combo. Check out some of these amazing restaurants in Necocli for yourself!

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