Expocamacol 2022: A Quick Guide and What to Expect

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Expocamacol 2022: A Quick Guide and What to Expect

TLDR? If you’re in the construction business, don’t miss what they call “the biggest construction fair in Latin America”!

As the city promotes technology, industry, and commerce, Medellin’s real estate and infrastructure business are growing significantly!

As a result, there are a couple of events that pop up in the city annually to promote the commercial and strategic relationship between companies and potential buyers. One of those is Expocamacol.

Keep reading to learn about Expocamacol 2022, a construction, design, and architecture fair held in Medellin!

What is Expocamacol?

This year, Expocamacol will take place from August 24th to the 27th. It’s an international fair that, in its XXIV version, unites the business and professional sectors of the construction production chain.

During these four days, you’ll find several exhibitions, new businesses, and activities related to this area. Some of them are:

  • Business wheels
  • National and international trade shows
  • Product releases
  • Academic forums
  • Demonstration spaces
  • Showcases of innovation

For the development of Expocamacol, which will be in Plaza Mayor, there’ll be four pavilions in closed rooms and two in open spaces, more than 400 exhibitors, more than 55,000 visitors, hundreds of conferences and talks, and many commercial agendas.

Expocomacol’s undoubtedly one of the country’s most relevant events around construction, architecture, and design. There, investors can strengthen their commercial relationships, do business and update themselves so that they’re prepared to start any housing project.

Ferias Camacol

Expocamacol is one of Ferias Camacol’s events. Let’s take a closer look at what those events include.


Expoinmobiliaria 2022 happened on March 4th, 5th, and 6th in Plaza Mayor. This event gives visibility to available real estate opportunities in the municipalities of the metropolitan area, the east, and the west o the city.

It’s a chance to invest in new projects in Medellin, a city recognized as the center of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in Colombia.

This year, more than 260 projects were presented with 60 participating construction companies, providing a perfect space to search for and purchase a new home.

Salon del Inmueble

This event’s date is yet to be defined. However, plans are to have it in the El Tesoro shopping center, with a commercial space that offers apartments, houses, suites, lots, hotels, shops, offices, and clinics.

This commercial space focuses on high-end projects in Antioquia, where construction companies and promoters affiliated with Camacol Antioquia offer the best in comfort, elegance, innovation, design, and sustainability.

Where to live and invest in Colombia

The Colombian Chamber of Construction and the National Government created these fairs through the “Colombia Nos Une” Program of the Colombian Foreign Ministry. The idea behind them is to promote the purchase of new housing for Colombians living abroad.

Finally: Expocamacol!

Expocomacol’s held throughout the year and focuses on everything related to construction and real estate. There are also virtual business conferences with both national and international buyers.

Virtual sessions are held monthly with the theme “How to buy a home in Colombia from abroad?”, with tools to get advice from real experts on the subject.

In this fair, you’ll find materials, tools, machinery, and technological solutions for construction, architecture, and design, separated into different sectors:

  • Construction machinery
  • Construction materials
  • Construction technologies
  • Construction
  • Building

Real Estate

Within these sectors, you’ll find all about market trends in carpentry, floors, plumbing, vertical transport, machinery, prefabricated houses, scaffolding, hardware products, paints, cement, and software for the construction sector.

As for services, Expocamacol offers exclusive space and business rooms for construction, engineering, and architecture companies.

Exhibitors at Expocamacol 2022

Medellin’s got a competitive infrastructure and the country’s highest quality of living. The city stands out for its architecture, urban planning, and social and economic development policies.

That’s why Expocamacol arrived this year in Antioquia with innovative ideas for promoting the acquisition of new materials and high-tech supplies as well as investment in high-end real estate.

Some of the exhibitors at this event will be:

  • Regional Projection: A company in the planning and management service sector, Regional Projection guides territorial planning, strategic planning, civil works, formulation, management, and execution of projects, among others.
  • PVG Architects: Specialized in sustainable architecture.
  • Bimbau: A Marketplace for the construction sector of materials and supplies and a space to develop strategies and guide purchases for construction projects.
  • Sinco Erp: This company supports the commercial processes of real estate projects and the administration of leased properties. It also manages construction projects with technological tools and develops road infrastructure and fourth-generation projects.

Visit Expocamacol 2022!

This fair is a space to take advantage of business opportunities. If you’re part of the construction sector or interested in investing in real estate projects, don’t miss this opportunity! Get tickets for this event and learn about all the ways companies will impact Medellín’s infrastructure and real estate climate.

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