A Puro Tango: The Best Place for Tango in Medellin

When you think about music in Medellin, the upbeat percussions of salsa may come to mind, or perhaps the steamy reggaeton clubs of Provenza. 

However, tango music and dance also have an established position in the city of eternal spring. Its long history in Medellin has meant that there are many ways to enjoy tango while you’re in town!

Dance company ‘A Puro Tango’ is your one-stop spot for everything tango. With classes, cultural events, and dance shows, your time in Medellin will be jam-packed with fun things to do. 

But first, a bit of back story about how Medellin cemented its status as one of the world’s most iconic tangos cities. 

Tango in Medellin

Influenced by African and European cultures, this sensual ballroom dance can trace its roots back to 19th-century Argentina and Uruguay. Although today, there is a pretty big tango scene in Medellin, and for a rather unique reason. 

It all began in 1935 when a plane carrying legendary Argentinian singer Carlos Gardel crashed in Medellin. It drew people’s attention to the Latin genre, with locals wanting to commemorate his life of tango in the city where he died.

Some Paisas even proclaim Medellin as the ‘Tango Capital of the World.’ I’m not sure Argentineans would be happy about that title, but with so much tango culture within the city, they hold up a strong argument. 

In fact, the International Tango Festival is held right here in Medellin! Every year hundreds of dancers flock to the city to celebrate the second most important festival within the genre. 

During the month of June, squares across the city have tango festivities. Here, fans can enjoy live performances, music, and lots of dancing. 

If you want to learn more about tango, you can visit the Casa Museo Gardeliana, which is dedicated to Carlos Gardel. Here you can discover how his death sparked the popularity of Tango in Medellin.

Itching to get on the dance floor? You’re in luck! There are a few tango bars dotted across the city that hold dance socials. The music here can feel a little less tourist-driven than the clubs of Buenos Aires. 

A Puro Tango has its own dance party every Thursday.  But not only that, it’s a cultural hive for anything related to tango!  

A Brief Background of ‘A Puro Tango’

First, if you’ve never heard of A Puro Tango, here’s a bit of background. 

They’re not new to the scene. The collective has been in operation since 2000, when Sebastián Avendaño decided to gather a group of super-talented friends and turn his love for tango into a full-fledged artistic dance company. 

Supported by the city’s growing art scene, they debuted their first tango show at Pablo Tobón Uribe Theater and haven’t looked back since!

They regularly compete in tango dance competitions around the world, and in 2016 were awarded by the Council of Medellin for their excellence in artistry. 

Today they are dedicated to cultivating a Latin dance culture within Medellin and offering a space for tango lovers to learn, practice, and enjoy the craft. 

A Puro Tango has become the best place in Medellin for tango culture! Here’s how you can enjoy incredible shows, dance the night away at one of their parties, or attend a class.

Attend a Dance Show

A Puro Tango’s dance shows are nothing short of phenomenal. I had the chance to attend one at Medellin’s Teatro Metropolitano and was blown away by the sheer level of artistry and perfection. 

The company is comprised of a renowned tango orchestra, two singers, and fourteen dancers. 

They frequently tour internationally with their show, ‘A Puro Tango: Pasión y Sentimiento.’ You can keep up with their tour schedule through their Instagram

However, you can enjoy one of their performances right here in Medellin too! On most Fridays and Saturdays, they hold cabaret and tango dance shows at their space in Laureles. 

Admission is $40,000 pesos per person. A Pura Tango has a delicious kitchen, so for an extra price, you can enjoy some wine and a steak dinner while you watch the performance.

Do I need to Make a Reservation?

Yes. You can make a reservation through their Instagram or WhatsApp for the Laureles cabaret or tango shows. They are pretty attentive to messages and reply quickly. 

On the occasion that they are performing somewhere else, they may not have a show at their Medellin dance hall, so it’s a good idea to check with them beforehand.

WhatsApp: +57 310 845 4691

Tango Dance Socials

A Puro Tango’s main draw is its weekly dance party. You can touch up your skills and practice with other Tango enthusiasts at these milongas, or dance socials. 

It’s a relaxed atmosphere and welcomes people of all abilities. If you’re not so confident in your skills yet, you can still come and enjoy some drinks with friends as you watch the dancing. 

These sessions take place every Thursday from 8.30 pm and continue late into the night. Everyone is very friendly and willing to dance with each other. The dance area is quite large, so you’ll have plenty of room. 

The dance hall’s fun, themed events, like the recent Halloween ballroom, get everybody mingling and make for some great photo ops.

The cover is $5,000 pesos. It’s perfectly fine to just show up; you don’t have to book anything in advance. Colombians tend to start partying later, around 10 pm, so it will be more lively the later you arrive.

Take a Dance Class

Tango Tuesdays

Taking place weekly, Tango Tuesdays is a great opportunity to get the basics down as a beginner. A patient instructor will guide the group through the key steps, check your form, and give feedback. 

Women and men will be taught the steps separately, practicing following and leading; they’ll then rotate in partners. 

It’s pretty casual, so you won’t need to book the session beforehand. Just turn up! The class starts at 7 pm and lasts a little over an hour. It costs $19,000 pesos. 

Private Sessions 

If you fancy some private one-on-one time, you can arrange a personal session with one of the skilled instructors. This is an excellent option for those who seriously want to perfect their skills and want a more focused guidance.  

You can book a one-off session or in bulks of 10. For more info on pricing, contact the studio directly. 

Group Classes 

Intermediate group classes are held on Thursdays at 7 pm. The session is recommended for those who have already been dancing tango and want more instruction on their technique.

The session is perfectly timed, as the milonga takes place right after the class! So it’s ideal for those who want to put everything they’ve just learned to the test.

If you’re just starting out, you can choose between Tango Tuesdays or the other beginner class held every Monday. 

Group classes tend to have only a small number of students, allowing the instructor to be attentive to each student. As a result, you really get your money’s worth and direct time with the teacher. 

Other Services

If you want to impress your friends or clients with some awe-inspiring performances, you can hire the company’s dancers, musicians, and singers to perform at your event!

They can help curate artistic presentations for cultural shows, corporate events, and parties. Just reach out to them with your idea. 

Email: manager@apurotango.com.co

How to Get There

The studio and performance space is located right in the center of Laureles, so it’s pretty reachable from anywhere in the city. You can use a ride share which will cost you around $3 USD, or public transport.

The nearest metro station is Suramericana on line B. Once you exit the station, turn right onto Carerra 65 and continue walking for 5 Minutes until you reach Avenida San Juan.  

Upon crossing the road, you will see the studio, a few stores down, on your right.

Address: Cl. 44 #6551, Laureles – Estadio, Laureles, Medellín, Antioquia

Enjoy Tango in Medellin with A Puro Tango

Colombia has seen a steady rise in the popularity of tango. As a result, Medellin has become the perfect place to enjoy the culture that surrounds the genre. 

Hubs like A Pura Tango offer inclusive experiences for fans, experts, and those who just want a glimpse into the world of tango. I recommend attending one of their many events or shows!

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