Flights to Medellin: Flying from the Caribbean to Medellin

Flights to Medellin Flying from the Caribbean to Medellin

TLDR? Different airlines from the United States and Central America have flights to Medellin from the Caribbean! 

Searching for flights to any place can be tedious and complicated, but once you’ve decided on your destination and time frame, there are many tricks you can use to secure the ideal ticket. 

If you’re based in the Caribbean and looking to fly to Medellín, you’re in the right place! 

Read ahead to learn everything you need to know about finding the most convenient flight for you. 

Tips When Buying Your Tickets

Tips When Buying Your Tickets

When planning a vacation, the first thing that comes to mind is prices. As a digital nomad, I’ve learned a couple of tricks to save a few dollars. 

Keep these tips and tricks in mind when buying tickets to your destination, and life will be so much easier. 

Choose Your Destination and Make a Price Comparison

Make a Price Comparison

While the vast world of the internet may seem infinite, there are many accessible sites to help you compare airline prices. However, not all of them are reliable. 

I recommend using different sites to compare prices: don’t get carried away by the first option! 

When Searching, Use an Incognito Tab

Use an Incognito Tab

Make sure to put your browser in incognito mode when browsing for flights. Often times flight prices are influenced by cookies and data, and automated pricing depends a lot on the region you’re in. 

Find Flights on the Cheapest Days

Cheapest Days

Rumor has it that Wednesdays and Tuesdays are the best days to book cheap flights, as most people prefer to travel on weekends rather than weekdays.

Rumors say that Tuesday and Wednesday are the best days to find cheap flights, and if you think about it it makes sense, that most people don’t travel during the week because they prefer weekends.

Book Your Tickets 2 Months in Advance

Book Your Tickets 2 Months in Advance

The cost of flights depends on the date you want to travel. 

Tickets to Medellin will be the most expensive during the high season. As this is the preferred season to travel in, ticket prices will soar to meet the high demand. 

However, if you purchase your ticket one to two months in advance of your trip, there’s a higher probability that cheaper flight options will be available. 

Flights From the Caribbean

Flights From the Caribbean

The Caribbean is a highly touristed section of the world, but the inhabitants of these small islands still seek other destinations to spend their vacations. 

You may be a Caribbean looking to visit somewhere new, or a traveler passing through on your way elsewhere. 

Regardless of circumstance, there will be always people looking to travel from the Caribbean to the City of Eternal Spring, and what better place to visit than Medellin

Here you can find amazing tours displaying all the country and surrounding mountains have to offer. 

Some airlines have facilitated certain routes to make traveling to Medellin easy, comfortable, and economical.

Airlines and Routes From the Caribbean to Medellin



Wingo is a relatively new low-cost airline that offers international travel between Colombia and Caribbean countries.

This company offers many direct routes to and from Medellin between cities such as:

  • Aruba
  • Punta Cana
  • Santo Domingo

Keep in mind that these direct flights on Wingo aren’t generally available every day. The calendar has specific days in the week in which the operations of these routes are carried out, so if you are planning to travel with this airline, it’s better to plan ahead. 

Best of all, this low-cost airline provides affordable prices at a basic rate. You can even find flights as cheap as $81 USD round trip! 

Copa Airlines

Copa Airlines

Copa Airlines provides flights between the North, South, and Center Americas, as well as the Caribbean, and it’s known for its high competition as an international airline. 

The Panama-based company usually offers flights between the Caribbean and Medellin. 

Copa usually makes stops in Panama, but this doesn’t have to be a boring delay. With  ‘Panama Stopover‘, you can take the opportunity to take a one-day tour of the capital city. 

If you’re not interested in the tour, you can always wait out the stopover at the Tocumen Airport, where you’ll then board the next flight to the Colombia’s City of Eternal Spring. 

You can travel to Medellin for $170 USD with a stopover in Panama from these cities: 

  • Curacao
  • San Juan
  • Santo Domingo

Avianca, American Airlines, and Spirit

Avianca, American Airlines, and Spirit

All of these airlines share a route from San Juan to Medellín in common. 

Spirit is an ultra-low-cost airline. While it operates mostly in the United States, it also has many Caribbean, Central, and South American countries on its list of destinations.

You can find stopover flights from $128 USD round trip on Sprint, providing it truly provides comfortable prices.

Avianca is a recognized airline with a long history in Colombia, with routes from the Caribbean to Medellin with only one or two stopovers at around $315 USD per trip. 

Likewise, it has other routes to Medellin from the Caribbean such as:

  • Punta Cana
  • Cancun
  • Curacao
  • Panama

As a Star Alliance member airline, connectivity is easy, and the possibility of finding flights with friendly airlines is very convenient for passengers and customers. 

American Airlines is a  USA’s airline covering the San Juan to Medellin route, but its prices are a bit higher and the flights always have a stopover. 

Flights average around $555 USD from the Caribbean. 

New Airlines Arrive in Cuba


Airlines like Wingo and Copa Airlines have flights from Havana to Medellin at very affordable prices. 

This airline created new routes between Cuba and other cities such as Panama, opening up a larger field in a country that has political restrictions on tourism. 

The Canadian airline Off We Go (OWG) started operating flights to Cuba, specifically to the Frank País international airport in the city of Holguín, opening a new tourism route to the country. 

From the Caribbean to Medellin

As I mentioned before, the Caribbean includes several islands, and depending on the island you’re on, the flight time to Medellín will change.



There are no direct flights from Montego Bay Airport in Jamaica to José María Córdova Airport. The flight takes around eight and a half hours, including a layover of about three and a half hours. You can fly with American Airlines, Copa Airlines, and others.

Weekly there are 40 flights to the city of Medellin, although schedules may vary on holidays and weekends.



Your trip will begin at the Bahamas Freeport Airport with a flight that lasts around 12 hours. The flight time covers an average stopover of seven and a half hours.

There are approximately fifteen flights a week, but keep in mind that hours may change depending on the season in which you buy. 

The airlines that offer services to Medellin are Silver Airways, Copa Airlines, and American Airlines.

Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago

There are no flights directly to Medellin from Trinidad and Tobago – you’ll have to take a flight to Barranquilla first. The trip begins at Piarco Airport and lasts around 12 hours, including an average layover of 5 and a half hours.

There are 48 weekly flights operated by Copa Airlines, Avianca, Caribbean Airlines, and others.



From Haiti, you’ll travel from Port Au Prince Airport to José María Córdova Airport. The trip lasts around nine hours, and the duration of the flight includes a stopover of around three and a half hours. 

Schedules may vary on holidays and weekends, but there are typically 15 flights a week offered by American Airlines, Avianca, and Sunrise Airways.

St. Vincent and the Grenadines

St. Vincent and the Grenadines

There are unfortunately no direct flights from Saint Vincent and the Grenadines to Medellín. You’ll have to travel from the city of Barranquilla from St Vincent airport, with a flight duration of around 19 hours. 

The services are operated by Avianca, American Airlines, and Air Canada among others. Usually, 18 weekly flights are offered that can vary between holidays and weekends



The flight between Barbados and Medellin takes around nine hours and covers a distance of 1,680 km. The flight includes an average layover time of around two and a half. The services are operated by Copa Airlines, American Airlines, and Avianca. 

In general, there are eight flights a week although the schedules on weekends and holidays may vary, so I recommend that you check in advance.

Things to Keep In Mind

Keep In Mind

When visiting an unknown country there are many things you have to consider:

  • Don’t forget to check that all your documents are to avoid any type of mishap.
  • Plan your trip well in advance. You’ll have a much better trip if you’ve figured out all the necessary details such as flights, stopovers, activities, places to visit, lodging, language, and how to get around. 
  • Make sure to check if your hotel or Airbnb has good reviews. 
  • Check the currency of the country and where you can make currency exchanges.
  • Are you vaccinated? Find out if you’re at risk of contracting diseases in your country of destination, as well as the vaccines that the health system recommends.

Travel From the Caribbean to Medellin

Traveling in the modern day has never been easier, with the emergence of more and more airlines connecting the world by different routes. 

Latin American, North American, and Central American airlines have joined forces to offer direct or stopover flights from some significant Caribbean cities to Medellin. Take advantage of one of these offers and take a trip to the City of Eternal Spring!

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