How, Where, and Why Buy a Sim Card in Medellín

How, Where, and Why Buy a Sim Card in Medellín

TLDR? Buying a sim card in Colombia’s easy and cheap: you can find them in official stores or with street vendors.

You can’t always rely on Wi-Fi to save your life when you travel to another country.

Buying a sim card in Colombia is as easy and necessary as cheap. You’ll find different companies that provide this service in Medellin.

Here’s a guide on how to get a sim card in Medellin!

Why Buying a Sim Card in Medellin

Sim Card in Medellin

You know how necessary it’s to connect to your phone without depending on a Wi-Fi network.

It might help you in an emergency, allow you to find a good restaurant in the neighborhood you’re touring, use an available app for private transportation, and it’ll help you be in contact with family and friends and post your travel pics.

In Medellin, there are different coworking, hotels, and cafes where you can find a good Wi-Fi network. Outside the city, you won’t always have the same amenities.

In the towns near Medellín, you might only find a good Wi-Fi network in hotels.

You need to know that 5G technology hasn’t arrived in Colombia to date, so you’ll only find mobile services with a 4G line. However, this service has good coverage in the country.

How and Where to Buy a Sim Card in Medellin

Buy a Sim Card in Medellin

In Colombia, it’s easy to buy a Sim Card!

You have two options to do it. The first option doesn’t require you to register; the other is the “correct” way to do it, and the service will be in your name.

How to Get a Sim Card Without Registration

Buy a Sim Card in Medellin

Although this isn’t the most recommended option, it works well.

In Medellin, as in any part of Colombia, there are some places on the streets where they informally sell prepaid sim cards. They’re small street stalls that sell internet packages according to a certain number of gigabytes and the service you require.

Their plans are generally unlimited with apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, and Twitter. If you navigate other applications, data can end quickly.

This type of card only requires you to make the purchase. The seller usually activates the sim card, and you have mobile service and an internet connection. The card won’t be in your name.

These packages have different durations: you can buy 15, 20, or 30 days of coverage. They aren’t expensive.

However, without registration in your name, it can be difficult to claim if you have any problems.

How to Get a Sim Card With Registration

Buy a Sim Card in Medellin

The most recommended option is purchasing your sim card in one of the internet provider’s official stores.

To register your sim card, you must bring your passport.

In the stores, you have all the information you need and can be sure that your sim card will work correctly. If you have problems, you can call the available lines.

It’s not particularly expensive either.

Once you have the card, request the tourist plans. They come in combos with a variety of days and several gigabytes.

If you don’t intend to stay in the country for a long time or plan to travel to different countries, your best option is to acquire an international sim card or an electronic sim card.

Your best option to buy an electronic sim card is Airalo. You can check the prices and make your purchase online. On the other hand, if you want an international sim card, a recommended option is Simoption, one of the most popular and safest.

Main Internet Providers in Colombia

Main Internet Providers in Colombia

Colombia, like other countries, has different internet providers for cell phones.

The biggest phone stores are:

  • Movistar: One of the most popular and oldest in the country, with average costs for a phone card.
  • Tigo: It’s probably the company with the cheapest costs and promotions.
  • Claro: It’s the company with the most experience and coverage in the country, but also the most expensive option.

Other brand names aren’t as popular and easy to find, but you can try Wom, Virgin Mobile, and Avantel.

Where to Buy a Sim Card in Medellin

Buy a Sim Card in Medellin

You can find places to buy a phone card in some airports, but at a higher cost than you’d pay in the city.

In Medellin, you can find many official stores of different brands.

Claro Store in Medellín

You’ll find Claro stores in different parts of the city.

For more ease, you should review the list of places you can go and make your purchase easier.

Movistar Store in Medellín

Movistar has a smaller list of stores.

However, you’ll find them in strategic places in the city.

Tigo Store in Medellín

With Tigo, you have different options for where to go within Medellín.

There are some branches in Itagüí and Envigado.

Stay Connected With a Sim Card in Medellin

Now you know it’s simple and cheap to buy a sim card in Medellin. Make sure to stay connected during your stay in paisa city with a phone that works no matter where you go!

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