The Top Things to do in San Rafael Antioquia

The Top Things to do in San Rafael Antioquia

TLDR? San Rafael is one of Antioquia’s small towns with plenty of things for you to do.

If you’re planning a trip traveling through the small towns of Colombia, consider checking out the villages of Antioquia, outside the city of Medellin. 

The village of San Rafael is a great place to start! Located two hours from Medellin, San Rafael is known for its outdoor activities and connection to the natural world. 

Read ahead to find out the top things to do in San Rafael! 

Reserva Natural Zafra 

Reserva Natural Zafra

The Reserva Natural Zafra is a natural reserve located 6km (about 3 miles) from the main town of San Rafael. Here you’ll find the perfect place to take a break from society and coexist with nature in a healthy, harmonic way. 

The reserve describes itself as “a place stimulating your inspiration,” and its goal is for guests to learn the value of every living thing by interacting with the forest and how each decision we make affects our surroundings. 

At the Reserva Natural Zafra, you can rest, relax, and enjoy different unique outdoor locations. You’ll also enjoy the delicious menu at the reserve’s restaurant as part of this immersive adventure. 

Add the Reserva Natural Zafra to your travel itinerary if you’re looking to make a connection with yourself through a connection with nature! 


Balneario La Cazuela 

La Cazuela is a natural pool where you can have a day of fun while appreciating the beautiful weather and gorgeous view. You can also do an ecological walk. 

The pool isn’t really a tourist hotspot, so you’ll get an authentic local experience when you visit.

Additionally, the restaurant nearby has good portions and low prices if you work up an appetite. 

Eco Language Colombia

Eco Language Colombia

If you’re looking to learn Spanish while also having fun, Eco Language Colombia is the place for you. 

One part hostel, one part Spanish school, the Eco Language Colombia has something for everyone, your pet included!

They provide guests with activities such as canyoning in the Cielo Escondido Canyon, hiking, dancing lessons, and more! 


Get Outdoors

Get Outdoors

From tubing to canyoning to long hikes through the forest, there are a ton of activities for travellers in San Rafeal looking to experience the beauty of the area’s abundant water sources and diverse ecosystem. Let’s take a look at some of the top outdoor adventures.

Tubing Río Arenal 

This challenging activities is great for all the adrenaline junkies out there, but make sure to always tube with a trained guide supervising so you can focus on the experience while feeling safe. 

Canyoning Rio Guatapé

If tubing wasn’t challenging enough for you, give canyoning a shot! You’ll travel through the canyons surrounding the river by climbing, jumping, and even swimming in some areas. 

Trekking Cerro Popalito 

You’ll want to be in good physical condition before attempting this ten mile walk through Cerro Popalito, but the gorgeous trail will have you wishing it was longer. 

As always, make sure you’re aware of your guide’s safety recommendations. 

Biking & Tubing 

There are lots of combined tours that take you biking through mountainous regions before riding down a river in an inner tube. It’s a great way to really get your adrenaline pumping!

Tour San Rafael 

Tour San Rafael

This agency specializes in customizing your trip through Antioquia. Here are some of the activities they provide: 

  • Bird watching 
  • Tubing 
  • Hiking to the Hoda waterfall or Boquerón
  • Agroecology: You’ll have the opportunity to learn about the process of honey and sugar production 
  • Meliponiculture: You’ll be able to learn about the importance of bees 

These tours provided by Tour San Rafael are an awesome way to explore what San Rafael is all abou. 

Cascada Los Simios 

Cascada Los Simios

The Cascada Los Siminos is one of San Rafael’s lesser explored waterfalls. Located on an untouched landscape in the rural area of Falditas, its flora, fauna, and pure waters make it an unmissable location. 

To get to the waterfall, you’ll travel through the tropical forest on an invigorating hike. 

The Churimo river gives this place life, and you can also bathe in its naturally occurring pools: the Las Maldivas and the Churimo. 

Explore San Rafael, Antioquia for Yourself 

Now that we’ve talked about all the amazing outdoor activities San Rafael has to offer, your mission is to choose where to begin! Which of these different experiences and activities sounds the most like you?

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