A Guide to the Waterfalls of Sabaneta

TLDR? The best waterfall in the South of Medellin is Salto del Angel, but there are plenty of other gorgeous waterfalls to explore in the area too!

Some small towns south of Medellin are still part of the city but have natural charms hidden within their mountains.

Sabaneta, Envigado, Caldas, and La Estrella are enticing destinations for ecotourism lovers due to their hikes, nature walks, and waterfalls.

If you’re staying in El Poblado and dying to see this country’s natural beauty, just travel a few metro stations to the south and discover the best waterfalls near Medellin!


Cascada Salto del Angel


Cascada Salto del Angel turns into Quebrada La Salada later, one of the town’s most recognized touristic points, 3 miles (5km) from it.


Salto del Angel is a natural waterfall with a drop of approximately 164 feet (50m), surrounded by rocky mountains.

One of the waterfall’s attractions is the cave at its base inhabited by insects and bats that coexist.

To get to the waterfall, you just have to climb a steep natural path that crosses the El Vallano hamlet on a walk that can start from Envigado Park. It takes about 6 miles (10km) and three hours to reach the waterfall.

This waterfall is ideal for a refreshing bath after the ecological walk to get there.

The recommendation is always to be attentive and take care of danger, but it’s a very safe walk.


Cascada El Silencio


Cascada El Silencio

To get to Cascada el Silencio, you’ll have to go through Antioquian forests, where you can watch animals, marvel at several viewpoints, and pass through Patula pine and Cypress plantations.

Starting from El Vallano hamlet, you’ll walk about 4,5 miles (7km) between five and seven hours before you arrive at El Silencio waterfall. Approximately 80 feet high (25m), El Silencio doesn’t fall behind any of the beauties you’ll see on your way there.

As well as El Salto del Angel, at the end of this waterfall, there’s a small cave that you can enter and see some species at home.


Cascada La Miel


Cascada La Miel

La Miel is located in Caldas, a town just beyond Sabaneta to the south of Medellin.

Reaching this destination implies a previous amount of adventures that involve mountains, ravines, and rivers to hike or cross by bike or motorcycle.

To start the tour on foot, you can take a bus from the Estrella station of the Metro System to La Corrala hamlet. You’ll walk through a thick forest on the rise, cross the Quebrada La Miel, and reach the waterfall of the same name.

La Miel has approximately 164 feet (50m) of powerful cold water. You may be able to taste the water, but you can’t take a bath there.


Quebrada La Chocha


Quebrada La Chocha

This ravine consists of a stream between the towns of Sabaneta and La Estrella and has an altitude of 5,41 feet (1,65m).

It’s not necessary to travel or hike long to reach this ravine: it’s approximately 45 minutes from La Estrella’s central park.

Ok, a higher waterfall in this creek requires some hiking through the forest, but it’s still nothing compared to the others.

The waterfall, located in the El Romeral Reserve, is ideal for a dip in freshwater.


Chorro de Las Campanas


Chorro de Las Campanas

The hiking tour to the Chorro de las Campanas goes across ancient paths and Quebrada La Miel.

This waterfall is smooth and has approximately 98 feet (30m). It falls into a natural pool of crystal and clear water, perfect for swimming and bathing.

If you take a guided tour of this waterfall, you can also go up to a viewpoint that allows you to see El Valle de La Miel.

This tour, which begins in El Vallano hamlet, gives you the chance to see wild animals. And, if you go with a guide or ecotourism agency, you have the possibility of practicing rappelling!


What to Consider


What to Consider

Before you race out to hike one of these waterfalls, there are a couple of things to keep in mind.

For one thing, finding a guide or agency for these activities is advisable to enjoy them without worries. While it’s fine to go on your own, it can be easy to get lost if you don’t know the area.

Another thing to know is that some tour packages include a mix of two or more waterfalls in one day. For example, you can visit Salto del Ángel and Chorro de Las Campanas in the same day.

With these tips in mind, you’re ready to have an amazing time exploring the area!


Are You Ready to Go to a Waterfall in the South of Medellin?

With this guide to waterfalls in Sabaneta, it’s time to get your mountain shoes and don your most comfortable clothes. Discover the best waterfalls in the area and enjoy some nature!

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