Rionegro for Digital Nomads: Coworking in Medellin’s Nextdoor Neighbor

Rionegro for Digital Nomads: Coworking in Medellin’s Nextdoor Neighbor

TLDR? It might be small, but Rionegro has some great coworking spots!

According to these statistics, there are over 10.9 million freelancers in the US. In addition, the number of digital nomads has increased, especially in the aftermath of the global pandemic.  

This is because many of us had to work from home and realized it’s possible to work remotely from anywhere in the world. And, with that possibility now available, tons of people are traveling to Medellín and working remotely!

As a result, many coworking spaces have opened around Medellín and the surrounding towns. If you’re headed out to Rionegro, the town next door to Medellín, here’s where to get some coworking done.

Quirama Coworking

Quirama Coworking

Quirama Coworking in Rionegro is a comfortable and spacious workspace perfect for entrepreneurs, startups, companies meetings, or digital nomads. 

The advantages to this space are many. For example, they have three meeting rooms, very comfortable chairs, high-speed WiFi, a rest zone, free parking, and lockers to secure your items. 

They also have a café; you can score a discount on coffee or tea with some coworking plans. 

Speaking of the plans, they offer different plans for different needs:

  • Flex Zone: This is on the second floor. You can book it for different durations, like one hour, one day, 15 days, or one month. You’ll have access to a power source and high-speed internet.
  • Q Zone: This is on the third floor. You can also book it for different durations. In addition, you’ll get a 10% discount on the coffee shop’s products.
  • Salas de Juntas: You can book Salas de Juntas (a meeting room) for one hour and choose how many guests you’ll host. It can host anywhere from six to 20 people. The price includes high-speed internet, audiovisual aids, a power station, and a 10% discount at the coffee shop. 

You can book your space at Quirama Coworking for 15, 25, 30, or 50 hours which you can use whenever you want. Their packages include everything the other plans offer as well as a few hours in the meeting rooms. That makes it cheaper than buying a single plan. 

This coworking space is located five minutes away (by car) from Rionegro, in San Antonio de Pereira, a small town in Rionegro. 


Address: Cra 55A ##26- 06, Rionegro, Antioquia

Social & Co Coworking

Social & Co Coworking

Social & Co coworking space is located in Llanogrande, five minutes from Rionegro. It’s the perfect space if you’re an entrepreneur or if you’re a remote freelancer. 

Social & Co provides office services and shared rooms for individuals and startups alike, offering comfort and high-speed WiFi. In addition, they provide meeting rooms and private offices. 

They have different plans for you to choose from (depending on how much time you want to spend there), and each one includes:

  • A personal workspace
  • Lockers
  • High-speed Wifi
  • Coffee, water, or tea

Social & Co also has a reception team to welcome and help you out if you run into any issues.

They also offer collaborative learning and development if you’re interested in the entrepreneur lifestyle and want to learn something new. 

It’s the best place to improve productivity, reduce expenses, organize meetings with co-workers, and everything with high-speed WiFi. By far, this is a top pick if you need a place to post up in Rionegro and knock out some work.


Address: Km 7 Vía Llanogrande Ciudadela del Complex, Rionegro, Antioquia

Arkana Coworking

Arkana Coworking

Arkana Coworking is a rustic coworking place that’s got a lot of outdoor spaces, making you feel less like you’re in a city and more like you’re on a farm.

This coworking space is located in Llanogrande, about two kilometers from downtown Rionegro.

It’s one of the few pet-friendly coworking spaces, thanks to the many open spaces they offer. In addition, they offer comfortable individual working spaces, meeting rooms, and a coffee shop. 

Arkana Coworking doesn’t have a restaurant in its building, but other restaurants are nearby. 

One of these is La Jacinta, a restaurant and bar with delicious brunch, which can be delivered to your desk. So, even though it’s not in the same building, you don’t have to leave to start enjoying the food!

They offer different coworking plans to suit your needs. Check their website to learn more about their prices.


Address: Km. 8 Vía, Vda. Tres Puertas, Antioquia

Hotel Sinergy Coworking

Hotel Sinergy Coworking

Hotel Sinergy is a bed & breakfast with a coworking space located downtown in Rionegro. 

It’s a great place for those who need to stay a night in Rionegro to catch a red-eye the next day. Spend the day coworking and then scoot upstairs to your room to catch some shut-eye before boarding your plane!

They also have workshops for beginner entrepreneurs to learn more. 

They offer private and shared workspaces, high-speed WiFi, and a coffee station to stay energized as you focus on your job. You can also book one of their conference rooms for any meetings you may have. 

Hotel Sinergy’s coworking space isn’t only for remote workers but also a great place to have therapy sessions and participate in entrepreneurship seminars. They also have a social area where you can network with other remote workers and entrepreneurs. 


Address: Cl. 47, Rionegro, Antioquia

Put Rionegro on Your Digital Nomad Bucket List

Rionegro is a growing city with places conducive to your productivity as a digital nomad. Even though it’s a little ways out of Medellin, it might just be what you need the day you land in Medellín or await your flight back home!

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