A Guide to Colombia Fashion Week in Medellin

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Everything you need to know about Colombiamoda, the closest Colombia comes to a fashion week.

As a teaser to the Feria de las Flores, Colombiamoda and Colombiatex are two annual fashion shows / trade fairs that attract a glamorous crowd to Medellin for the closest thing Colombia has to fashion week in London, New York or Paris. 

Part show, part trade fair, “Colombia’s fashion week” attracts a complex mix of people from all walks of the fashion industry and as we all know wherever there are models there will always be people that want to hang out and party and Medellin is a fun place to mix business and pleasure.

The menswear and womenswear on display is paraded by glamorous models on a string of runway shows staggered throughout the day in the Medellin Convention Center, Plaza Mayor, with a few of the higher end fashion brands throwing runway events in pop-up venues. 

Famous colombian brands that regularly show their collections include the likes of Beatriz Camacho, Andres Pajon and Jacobo Durango.

The fashion often takes second place to the parties and “networking” and the whole spectacle provides a brilliant contrast to the rural traditions on show a week later at the Feria de Las Flores in August. 

Fashionistas that arrive in Medellin expecting to admire the catwalk shows by Dolce e Gabbana, Gucci or Prada will be disappointed, however, to find that most of the shows focus on lingerie and swimwear rather than haute couture. Plenty of Colombian flesh on display for the layman.

On the fringe there are a host of private parties held for an exclusive crowd of buyers, Colombian celebrities, fashionista influencers and all those models and the well dressed hangers on that keep the fizz flowing.

Apart from the catwalk shows, Plaza Mayor is taken over by more than 400 companies showing their designs and textiles to more than 2,000 buyers from Colombia and the rest of the world flown in to keep the wheels of industry turning.  

Medellin was built on mining and the textile and banking industries that grew from that. There are still some huge companies producing textiles in Medellin which is why this show has been so successful over the last 30 years. Oh, that and the beauty of Colombian models.

If you want to blag yourself an invite to the parties you will need to ingratiate yourself with the organizers or reach out to our concierge service to see if they can help you secure your VIP pass.  

If you spend some time visiting the places on our list of “best bars to meet people in Medellin” or the “top late night bars and nightclubs in Medellin” you’re also highly likely to bump into Colombiamoda’s movers and shakers.

Good luck, and may the fashion force be with you. 

When: July 27-29, 2021 

Useful Links:

Colombiamoda: https://ferias.inexmoda.org.co/

Fashion Show (2019): https://youtu.be/Lw5nCx3HgZs

To speak to the organizers about participating:
Torre Inexmoda – Piso 15
Cra 43 #9 Sur-195 Medellín
T. +57 321 808 2958
Email: [email protected]

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