Apartments in/near Parque Lleras/Via Provenza

The Collection: This page contains an assortment of luxury properties in the Parque Lleras/Provenza sector of El Poblado. Here you'll find prices from just $1500/month (including utilities) up to some of the finest properties on the furnished rental market. Prices can vary slightly depending on time of year so please contact the property manager directly for availability.

Contact: "The Lleras/Provenza Collection" is managed at Casacol exclusively by Estefany Mejia (no relation to Luisa!). For inquiries and latest prices you can send your check-in and check-out dates directly to Estefany's email, or to her phone/iMessage +57 3218306456, or you can start a Whatsapp chat conversation immediately by clicking the link.

About the property manager: Estefany joined Casacol in 2017 as a property manager dedicated to our fast growing portfolio sector in the Parque Lleras and Provenza sector of El Poblado. She was raised in Tampa, FL and then studied international business at EAFIT with a focus on internationalization and entrepreneurship. Estefany not only is 100% bilingual but she also spent 3 months in Brazil studying and perfecting her Portuguese. She is passionate about business, interpersonal communications and real estate. She has also successfully complete the "Lonja de Medellin" real estate sales and property management modules.

Estefany Mejia