A selection of testimonials from Casacol investors from our 2017 Investor Survey.
Thank you very much to all for your confidence and trust in doing business with Casacol!

Testimonials from Sales, Legal and Property Management services:

My wife and I came to Medellin in September 2015 on a whim, to look at property and see if we could purchase a part time vacation/investment home, perhaps eventually a full time retirement home. We found one, negotiated a price, and signed a promesa/contract. Casacol got involved when the deal almost fell apart in the closing process and steered us through several post closing issues. The original firm we worked with was overworked and disorganized. As a result, you couldn’t trust them. Casacol’s greatest strength is their integrity and dedication to providing good customer service. I trust Casacol, and when investing in Colombia, that’s priceless.   -Bob E.-

Brad=Casacol. Brad=Terrific. Therefore Casacol=Terrific. I can’t quantify the value provided by the owner of Casacol. Any stupid silly question or problem is responded to in minutes or at most a couple hours, seemingly 24/7. At some point Casacol may need to clone some more Brads, an extremely difficult task. - Jim R.-

Casacol has generated income in excess of my expectations. On our one visit since entering in the rental program we found the unit well cared for. A perfect 10 here! -Carl M.-

I worked with Juan Pablo, Casacol Sales Manager. He described the area around the property intimately and then walked me to local supermarket and restaurants to show me the proximity of local resources to my apartment purchase. It was a very nice touch in understanding the area, Juan is a true Medellin expert and real estate professional. -Kimberly G.-

Brad is professional and know the market and closes fast! His team is exceptionally competent; no loose ends or last minute issues or surprises when closing. Casacol exhibits focus, timeliness, professionalism, and drive with the client in mind.  -Ron A.-

Juan Pablo was a pleasure to work with. Always professional and generous with his time and knowledge, we quickly established rapport and trust. Thank you for a successful transaction! We are very happy with our investment purchase. -Aaron and Rebecca P. - 

Juan Pablo was a pleasure to work with. Always professional and generous with his time and knowledge, we quickly established rapport and trust. Thank you for a successful transaction! We are very happy with our investment purchase. -Mark L.-

After spending 5 years evaluating retirement destinations in Asia, Europe and Latin America, my wife and I fell in love with Colombia. After spending some time in-country, we decided that Medellín was our perfect spot. We went out to three companies with a description of our ideal property. About a week later I received an email from Daniel Arango with a suggested property. Initially, I thought it was some sort of scam, because it matched my requirements so exactly it just couldn't be real. Four days later after many Skype calls, emails and texts, we were on an airplane to Medellín. I am typing this in my new home in Medellín and couldn't be happier. Through the whole experience, Daniel has been a patient and trusted resource and friend. He is multilingual and has experience in Europe, North America and all over South America. I can call him any time of the day or night with any question and he takes care of me. He has been my main point of contact with the Casacol team and continues to make our transition to a new life enjoyable and well, fun. -Bill and Patricia.-

The legal team at Casacol is so good that I knew I needed to use them again for any real estate purchase in Bogotá. I didn’t even consider looking elsewhere. They handled everything and enabled me to be very hands off with absolute confidence they had my best interests in mind at all times. -Nathan R.-

Juan Jose and Mariana have guided us through purchase transactions, visa applications, tax and other financial matters. They have proven themselves to be knowledgable, efficient, and easy to work with. It is a pleasure to work with them and reassuring to know that they are there for us. -Doug H.-

We have had a delightful experience with Mariana Góez as our in-country attorney. She guided us through the process of transferring funds internationally and applying for our resident visas, national identity cards, bank accounts, etc., etc. All tasks were completed on time or ahead of schedule, which is an astonishing thing in Colombia. Mariana is always responsive when you are sitting across from a banker or someone at a foreign consulate and you need help RIGHT NOW. I am a business owner in the US and used to having great support staff. When you go to another country, it can be a very humbling experience. With solid people like Mariana on your team, you can act with confidence and know that things are being done right. -Rick and Melissa W.-

Brad is great and I've had a good experience working with him. He is very honest and is a straight shooter which is very important in a management company overseas. My last property manager was a nightmare and cased a lot of problems, which is why I switched to Casacol. I would recommend Brad and his team over anyone else in Medellin. -Tom C.-

My expectations for communication and timely financial reconciliation are being met and exceeded by the property management team. In a short time, they have proven their worth by keeping my property rented, clearly communicating the needs of tenants, and depositing my rent ahead of schedule. I feel as if Casacol is putting my needs before theirs which is a vast improvement over my former management company. -Kirby S.-

My properties are handled by both James and Laura. I very much like their attention to detail and that they are doing their best to keep occupancy rates up. Most important: they are really trying to keep the guests happy, and satisfied customers are obviously key to occupancy rates. Last not least: the do a fine job to keep the buildings in ship shape. Really appreciate your efforts, guys! -Matt B.-

Maricela is a real star in your team. She is a great asset in the entire design and purchase of furnitures and renovations. She is very responsive to all the questions even if it is after hours or on weekend. Im very appreciative of that fact. Great team, thank you Casacol! -Daniel L.-

Brad, I’m not surprised by your business’s success. Your attention to the details and ability to deliver to meet your clients’ expectations is exceedingly obvious. Thank you again! We have recommended Casacol several times already and will continue to do so. I like the “one stop shop” experience (sales, legal and interior design). Great concept and highly effective and efficient!  -Timothy Z.-

Brad you have a terrific team and an exceptional culture surrounding your organization. The difference between your closest competitor and your team is vast. I cannot wait to have your team facilitate all of my business in Medellin. It is going to take some time but we will get there. -Justin B.-