About Casacol

Casacol was founded in 2013 with a singular vision: to assist both foreigners and locals alike make smart home purchases and investments in Colombia.

Contact info for each of our team members is below, we look very forward to working with you and thank you for your interest in Casacol!

In four short years we've grown to be the largest property manager of furnished apartments in Medellin and to the best of our knowledge we've represented more foreigners on both a volume and value basis in the last year (2016/2017) than any other agency local or foreign owned.

Every day our team works hard to provide our clients with the best advice and best value in the market whether they are looking for retirement/vacation homes or income producing investment properties.

Casacol SAS is also an active member of the Lonja of Medellin (Real Estate Association) and the entire sales team (and most of the property management team) is Lonja trained and certified.

Casacol Team Preview

Our Mission at Casacol is twofold:

1) To provide the very best in investment opportunities and advice to both our foreign/local clients and to only offer investments that we feel maximize the goals of the client. 

2) Provide an exceptional guest experience to those to rent our apartments. Happy guests will return again and again and refer friends, family and colleagues and thus keep our apartments full and our investors happy.

The Casacol Vision and Philosophy

Investing in Colombia should be safe, transparent and profitable. Navigating the investment process by yourself in a foreign country with a language and culture you may not understand can lead to costly mistakes. We aim for Casacol to be first choice for Colombian nationals and foreigners when an investor is looking for a high quality, income producing asset with high liquidity and long-term price appreciation potential.

Also hospitality in Medellin should be world class. As a developing country, Colombia can sometimes deliver an experience that falls short of the expectations of the international traveler. At Casacol we believe that a true global 5-star guest experience on a global standard for both our short and long term guests will soon become the norm in Medellin as our new projects come to fruition.

Below are the profiles of some of our team members who work hard every day to uphold our mission and values.

Brad Hinkelman
Founder and CEO

Originally from Canada, Brad spent 12 years in the software industry and lived in Vancouver, Toronto and New York City before moving to Colombia to focus full time on Casacol in 2013.

Brad first traveled to Medellin in 2007 and started investing shortly after finding the opportunities in real estate to be too good to pass up. Today Brad is constantly searching for the best value in the Medellin marketplace and prides himself on the Casacol property management division with more than $30M USD in property assets under administration and more than $10M USD in new product/building pipeline delivering 10-15% annual returns to our investors. 

Investors can contact Brad directly for investment advice in Medellin and for more information on any of our new projects including future opportunities which may not yet published on the Casacol webpage.

Brad can be reached at brad@casacol.co.


Core Sales Team

Juan Pablo Montoya Kallewaard
Sales Manager

Juan Pablo is of Dutch/Colombian ancestry and studied International Business at EAFIT University in Medellin and perfected his English while growing up in Europe. Juan Pablo is also fluent in Portuguese which has been a plus for our Brazilian investors in Medellin. 

Juan Pablo has successfully completed the series of professional real estate courses and licensing program in the Lonja of Medellin.

Juan Pablo is responsible for all residential re-sale properties and the publication and maintenance of all sales listings at  listings.casacol.co. He can be reached at  juanpablo@casacol.co.


Tomas Eastman
Sales and Property Manager
Energy Building and Investment Properties

Tomas is a finance major from EAFIT with a keep focus on Casacol's core rental buildings. Tomas is responsible for both sales and property management within the Energy building and has supervision of all reservations, and cleaning/operations staff. He maintains relationships with all owners/investors in the buildings as well as being very close to the renters there.

His keen understanding of both a) investment real estate and b) foreign investment in Colombia, make him an important asset to Casacol clients looking for advice on income producing property investments.

Tomas can be contacted directly at  tomas@casacol.co.

Daniel Arango
Real Estate Sales Specialist

Daniel is originally from Pereira and came to Medellin for International Business studies at EAFIT in 2013 specializing in finance studies. Daniel speaks fluent English and Portuguese and spent 6 months during a University exchange in Zurich, Switzerland where he studied strategic management and negotiation, advanced financial analysis and management of cultural differences in business.

He joined Casacol upon graduation with a keen interest in real estate and foreign investment in Medellin. Daniel is also a student of real estate bubbles from a finance/credit perspective and is keenly interest in stock market and security analysis. He is also incredibly passionate about Crossfit (his "Murph" record is 38:15, FYI).

Daniel can be contacted directly at  daniel@casacol.co.

Legal and Accounting/Finance Team

Juan Jose Giraldo
Casacol Legal/Tax Director

Juan Jose completed his high school studies in Erie, PA and received his law degree from EAFIT University with a focus in International Law and Trade. Juan Jose lead the United Nations Society at EAFIT and proudly represented EAFIT at Harvard's WorldMUN conference in Vancouver, Canada and Melbourne, Australia. Juan Jose is currently completing a masters degree in taxation law at UPB University after which he will be able to better advise Casacol clients on tax strategies and especially the major changed in the 2017 tax reform in Colombia.

Previous to joining Casacol in 2016, Juan Jose worked in his father's law firm Giraldo y Asociados, a boutique Medellin law firm providing highly personalized legal counsel to a small number of high net worth local families and their holding companies. Juan Jose now advises Casacol clients on real estate transactions, tax efficient real estate holding structures, immigration matters, capital preservation strategies, and prenuptial agreements.

Juan Jose can be reached for all legal matters at  juanjose@casacol.co.

Mariana Goez
Legal Specialist

Mariana graduated from the EAFIT law school in 2015 where she was ranked consistently top of her class and is 100% bilingual. She works closely with Juan Jose on sales/purchase contracts, real estate title studies, visas, residency and immigration matters as well as SAS formations and banking relationships for Casacol investors. 

Mariana is also responsible for Casacol's industry associations and relationships including the Ministry of Tourism, the Colombian hotel association (Cotelco), and the real estate association of Medellin (La Lonja).

Mariana can be contacted directly at  mariana.goez@casacol.co.

Daniela Jimenez

Daniela completed her accounting degree at the Universidad de San Buenaventura in 2015, when she joined Casacol full time. Daniela is fully conversant in English and manages our end to end accounting and bookkeeping processes and associated software. She's the reason why our owners/investors get paid on time and accurately month after month and is a huge asset to the Casacol operating and property management team.

Property Management Team

Joanna Calin
Property Manager - Penthouse Portfolio

Joanna is a digital creative strategist from Romania with background in real estate, tourism, micro-finance and branding. Upon perfecting her Spanish, Joanna followed a dream to lead an international crowdfunding campaign as an intern in a Colombian company, assisting micro-entrepreneurs in the Department of Antioquia while also leading the digital communications for TEDx Medellín 2014 and 2015.

Having run the online communications for a real estate agency back in Romania, Joanna discovered her interest in the field and found Casacol to be the perfect opportunity to move forward and support our clients in managing their properties, while effectively combining her passion for real estate with her 6 years of experience in communications and PR. 

Joanna has successfully completed the 12 month real estate sales and licensing/training program at the Lonja (Real Estate Association) of Medellin.

Joanna can be reached directly for penthouse rentals at  joanna@casacol.co.


Luisa Mejia
Property Management - Nueva Alejandría/Next Avenue

Luisa is responsible for the property management of Nueva Alejandría and Next Avenue portfolio. She works full time at Casacol and also studies law at Universidad de Antioquia. Luisa joined Casacol in 2016 from Oasis collections where she spent the previous 2 years as their guest experience manager for Medellin.

Luisa can be reached directly at luisa@casacol.co.

James Franchuk
Soul Property Manager - Soul Sales Manager

James has invested in Medellin real estate alongside Brad for many years was the the first investor in the Soul project upon conception. James holds advanced degrees in sciences as well as an MBA, and orginally pursued a career in the biopharmaceutical industry. After assisting his company dominate business goals for niche therapeutics, James decided to follow both his investments and passion for real estate in Medellin and join Casacol full-time.

Today James is reponsible for the entire commercialization of the Soul building for both sales and property management. He can be reached at james@casacol.co.

Laura Marin
Propery Manager - Blux/Moderatto Core Buildings

Laura joined Casacol in 2017 upon completing her international business studies in EAFIT with an emphasis in merchandizing. Laura is singularly focused on the core Blux and Moderatto buildings where she is responsible for the high levels of occupancy and customer service that our investors and renters enjoy in those buildings.

Laura is 100% tri-lingual (Spanish, English and Portuguese) and went to high school in Phoenix, AZ where she perfected her English. She is also very passionate about helping to run her family business (import, retail and distribution of athletic footware) where she started at 12 years old.

Laura can be reached directly at laura@casacol.co.

Estefany Mejia
Property Manager - Parque Lleras/Provenza Sector

Estefany joined Casacol in 2017 as a property manager dedicated to our fast growing portfolio sector in the Parque Lleras and Provenza sector of El Poblado. She was raised in Tampa, FL and then studied international business at EAFIT with a focus on internationalization and entrepreneurship.

Estefany not only is 100% bilingual but she also spent 3 months in Brazil studying and perfectioning her Portuguese. She is passionate about business, interpersonal communications and real estate. She is currently enrolled in the "Lonja de Medellin" real estate sales and property management modules.

Estefany can be reached directly at estefany@casacol.co.

Maricela Echavarria
Interior Design/Remodel Services

We met Maricela originally due to the work she was doing to design and coordinate the furnishing of apartments for owners in the Energy Living building. Maricela has a long history in real estate working for a family construction business and joined Casacol to focus full time to focus on interior design and remodels across our rental portfolio.

Many of the best rentals you find on the Casacol website were designed/remodeled by Maricela.

Maricela can be contacted at  maricela@casacol.co (Spanish only).